Why We'll Never Forget Xriss Jor's 'Care About Us' (Michael Jackson Cover) - And Why It's So Effing Good



Some Things We Won't Remember

In the midst of this whole garbage crisis (that none of us can even begin to fathom), there are incidents, news headlines, and moments that we just won't remember (once/if) the story gets resolved.

It's just part of our (Lebanese) nature right? Given Lebanon's track record, we'll have a new set of problems to worry about, a new wave of newsfeed posts and outbursts that we'll all be concerned with at the moment.

Some Things We'll Never Forget

Then there are things we as a people will never forget. (Given that it's solved by then), we'll tell our kids stories about how hard we've had it living in Lebanon and that they should appreciate what they have, get their act together, and go finish their homework. Kind of like what our parents told us about the war. How sad is this?

So here are some things we'll never forget about this garbage crisis (and there's no need to add visuals here, we've seen them way too many times):

1. The sight of the garbage piles dumped on our streets and mountains. 2. The smell of the disgusting garbage in quantities no human should ever walk by. 3. The deep agony despair seeing all this happen and our government not doing ANYTHING about it. 4. How we civilians were attacked with tear gas when we were protesting our basic rights. 5. The sight of the garbage river the first time the rain flooded Beirut.

And 6, that would be Xriss Jor's 'Care About Us' Michel Jackson Cover.

Xriss Jor's 'Care About Us' Michel Jackson Cover

Chances are you've already seen the video. In less than 24 hours the video has been shared just under 4,000 times. If you haven't seen it yet, well here it is.

If the thousands of organic shares and likes is not an indication, we'd say it's very simple why we'll never forget this video. Simply put: it is spot on in every way that hits the core of this crisis.

It's spot on the right song Xriss chose (the lyrics are perfect), it was launched at the right time, Xriss sings it with the right intensity (i.e. it never gets annoying), the video production portrays the right description of the situation.

It truly resonates with every one of us on a personal level.

Just in case there are other opinions out there and some people are thinking she just took advantage of the garbage crisis to bring attention to her musical talent, you're damn right she did. She did it in the smartest, most unpretentious and the most relatable way possible. Yes, it would have been awesome to hear a new song about the crisis from any of our local musical talents, but there's no arguing that this isn't a brilliant alternative.

So yeah Xriss, it's so sad to agree that we all feel this way, but they don't really care about us.

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