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Where To Dye Your Hair Crazy Colors in Beirut - These 7 Recommended Salons


I've been dyeing my hair since I was 16. In my brief stints of rebellion, I'd march away from a fight with my parents and straight into the bathroom to either chop all my hair off, or dye it one of the obscene colors I had stocked from the local pharmacy that I knew would set their teeth on edge. Over time, I grew to actually enjoy having wild hair. Normal colors – brown, red, blonde – became boring to me, and every other month or so, I'd have to change my hairstyle completely.

I spent seven years in Lebanon with the same hairdresser – Sarah, a German-born and raised Lebanese stylist who was my savior. Every six weeks, I'd plop into her rotating chair and say, "Go crazy." Red, purple, green, blue – I exhausted all the shades in the "unnatural" part of the hair colors mix book.

Sadly, Sarah found love, got pregnant, and moved back to Germany. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled for her. But my hair is so...normal, now that she's gone. Then again, having a nine-to-five job somewhat limits your options for a wild appearance.

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So I've asked some of my more brazen friends and acquaintances about the best salons that they've tried and would recommend for a wild hair dye. Of course there must be more around Beirut, but start with this list from people who tried the places before you.

Here are the results in order of how active the salons seemed to be when it comes to wild hair dye colors (as depicted on their social media channels!).

Salon Simon El Mendelek

Instagram: @miaelmendelek






Address: Amaret Chalhoub, Zalka | Tel: +961 1 896669 | Simon El Mendelek's Website

Salon Tarek Rizk

Instagram: @tarekrizk1






Address: Jdeideh Highway, Beirut | Tel: +961 1 881281 | Salon Tarek Rizk's Facebook

Ashraf & Hani Hair Designers

Instagram: @ashrafandhani




Address: Majestic bldg, 1st Floor, Concorde | Tel: +961 1 746116 | Ashraf & Hani's Facebook

Creative Salon Georges Geagea


Address: Sassine Square, Achrafieh | Tel: +961 1 215922

Fadi Daouk Hair Stylist

fadi daouk

Address: Rmeil, Achrafieh, Beirut | Tel: +961 71133365 | Fadi Daouk's Facebook

Kan Paris

Instagram: @kanparis


Address: Alfred Naccache St., Achrafieh, Beirut | Tel: +961 1 328666

Salon Waleed Choueiri


Address: Fassouh, Achrafieh | Tel: +961 1 205500 | Waleed Choueiri Facebook


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