Where to Buy Toms in Beirut - These 7 Addresses


If you're looking to buy a pair of Toms in Beirut, here's a round-up of all the stores that we know sell them, as well as their different branches if applicable. See a total of 7 addresses from 4 stores listed below in alphabetical order. We are HUGE fans of Toms and can't wait to see the new summer collections.

We hope this helps out a bit in your search, and let us know in the comments box below if there are other places that sell Toms in Beirut which we overlooked. We will add them to the list an update the article.

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The Bayrut Express is a really cool store that focuses on selling fashion items related to good causes including environment, charity as well as recycled goods. As you probably already know, whenever you buy a pair of Toms, a certain portion of the money goes to help a person in need. The Bayrut Express also sells those beautiful Inka shoes if you're on the lookout for some in Beirut.

Address: 3 rue 76, Achrafieh, Beirut | Tel: +961 3 239 756 | The Bayrut Express Website | The Bayrut Express Facebook Page | Instagram: @bayrutexpress


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We recently discovered Como Store, and it's basically shoe heaven for Beirut. They sell lots of cool shoe brands including Toms, Dr Martens, Uggs, and Chiara Ferragni ballerinas. The best part is you can buy online from them right here in Beirut and get it shipped to your door. They have Toms for men, women and kids as well!

Address: New Jdeideh, Beirut | Tel: +961 1 879 871 | Como Store Online Shop | Como Store Facebook Page


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Footmarks is a shoe store located in 5 locations across the country; 4 of which sell Toms. They sell Toms for both men and women and in different styles. They run out pretty quick so make sure to call them before you head down to one of their stores. We didn't find updated photos on their page of the latest collections in store - you're going to have to visit the store or call them to check if they have the model and size you're looking for. On another note, they have a huge collection of Birkenstocks if you're looking for those too.

4 Addresses: 1. Footmarks Downtown Foch Street, Tel: +961 1 985536 | 2. Footmarks ABC Achrafieh Level 0 - Tel: +961 1 203439 | 3. Footmarks ABC Dbayeh Level 3 - Tel: +961 4 415631 | 4. Footmarks Kaslik Tower Building - Tel: +961 9 638305 | Footmarks Facebook Page

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Pink Aubergine is the cutest little concept store located in one of Achrafieh's small streets. They practically have everything in that store: hats, accessories, bags, tops, and of course Toms. They have a pretty big collection of Toms - different styles, and even Toms for kids! If you're looking for a specific model, just call them before you go to make sure they have it as well as your size in stock.

Address: Achrafieh, Rue du Liban | Tel: +961 1 219229, +961 3 339229 | Pink Aubergine Facebook Page | Instagram: @pinkaubergine





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