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You know the kind of girls who can just wake up, wash their faces, put on some lip-balm and manage to look like delicate angels? Yeah, I’m not one of them. It actually takes quite a bit of time and effort for me to look this mediocre. Makeup is my saving grace and can make me look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed even when I feel dark-eyed and…umm, wispy-tailed. You can manage to look polished with just a little concealer, mascara, and blush! Here are places where you can purchase your make-up and cosmetics in Beirut.

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20 Places You Can Buy Makeup in Beirut

ABC Department Stores

This vast department store is where you can find most cosmetic brands available, L'Oreal, Bourjois, Chanel, Givenchy, Yves-Saint Laurent, and Dior to name a few.


Address 1: Achrafieh - Tel: +961 1 212888 | Address 2: Dbayeh - Tel: +961 4 416000

Aroma Cosmetics

Launched in 2010 as a spa in Habtoor mall, this company decided to start selling perfumes and cosmetics in it's newly opened branch in Karout Mall.


Address: Karout Mall, Hadat - Tel: +961 1 532077

Bassam Fattouh Institute

This renowned make-up artist recently launched his own line of make-up, that has received great reviews!


Address: Nour Al Hayat Bldg. 60 Verdun St. Beirut - Tel: +961 1 791021

Beauty Concept

Beauty Concept is a chain of retail shops that carry over 100 international cosmetic and perfume brands!


Address: Dunes Center, Verdun - Tel: +961 1 810681


Another vast department store, you will find all the high-end brands as well as some more low budget options at BHV.


Address 1: Jnah - Tel: +961 1 905000 ext. 4180 | Address 2: Citymall, Dora - Tel: +961 1 905000 ext. 1690

The Body Shop

One of the most environmentally friendly makeup brands in the world is right here in five locations around the country. Find everything from cosmetics to bath salts and bubble bath soaps.


Address 1: Verdun 730 - Tel: +961 1 788702 | Address 2: Spinneys Jnah Branch - Tel: +961 1 825964 | Address 3: ABC Achrafieh - Tel: +961 1 216809 | Address 4: City Mall Dora - Tel: +961 1 883 073 | Address 5: Saida Mall - Tel: +961 7 754 863


At this hidden gem, you're sure to find all your favorite cosmetics and perfumes for at least 15% cheaper anywhere else! They have everything from Rimmel and Seventeen to Dior and Guerlain.

Address: Mar Roukoz, Hazmieh - Tel: +961 5 459880

C&F – Cosmetics and Fragrances

This establishment is probably the most well known cosmetics and perfume seller in Lebanon, with several branches all over the country.


Address 1: Crowne Plaza Center, Hamra – Tel: +9611369898 | Address 2: Beirut Souks, Downtown Beirut – Tel: +9611993115


One of the world's most popular skincare and makeup brands with best-sellers like the Wonder Perfect Mascara.


Address: City Centre Beirut, Hazmieh - Tel: +961 1 286682


This high-end spa in Downtown Beirut provides everything from cellulite treatments to facials and also sells some of our favorite makeup and skincare products, specializing in hypoallergenic products.


Address: Saifi Village, Downtown Beirut - Tel: +961 1 975533


Another well known retailer with many branches, Faces has several trained professionals that are always available to help you find exactly what you're looking for.


Address 1: Beirut Souks, Downtown Beirut - Tel: +961 1 972595 | Address 2: City Centre Beirut, Hazmieh - Tel: +961 1 284039


With more than 400 retail locations worldwide, Inglot has one of the most extensive color palettes of any makeup brand.


Address: Hamra Main St., Beirut - Tel: +961 1 347865

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Issam Labban Est.

Offering up everything from skincare products to perfumes and lingerie, there is something for everyone at this established Hamra shop.


Address: Hamra, Main St., Beirut - Tel: +961 1 353630

Izzat Daouk & Sons

If you're looking to browse through tons of makeup brands, colors, and collections at a low price, Izzat Daouk is your go-to place!


Address 1: Mama St. Tallet el Khayat – Tel: +9611316000 | Address 2: Jal el Dib Highway, Jal el Dib – Tel: +9614722622


Lush is a handmade cosmetics retailer that prides itself with its all-natural products and its anti animal testing stance. The body scrubs are perfection.


Address: Beirut Souks, Downtown Beirut - Tel: +961 1 991618 | ABC Dbayeh - Tel: +961 4 524495 | ABC Achrafieh - Tel: +961 1 324493


One of the leading cosmetic brands in the world, offering hundreds of shades for eyes, cheeks, and lips as well as one of the best foundations, the Pro Longwear Foundation.


Address 1: Beirut Souks, Downtown Beirut - Tel: +961 1 990412 | Address 2: ABC Achrafieh - Tel: +9611203362 | Address 3: City Mall, Dora - Tel: +961 1 887284

Make-up Forever

This established brand has its die-hard fans who swear by the power of the HD Concealer.


Address 1: Beirut Mall, Tayouneh - Tel: +961 1 380867 | Address 2: City Mall, Dora - Tel: +961 1 883504

Mazen Pharmacy

Mazen Pharmacy is so much more than just a pharmacy, it is drugstore heaven! The newly renovated store on Mazraa has an entire floor dedicated to cosmetics and perfumes.


Address 1: Mazraa Main Street, Beirut – Tel: +9611313362 | Address 2: Chiyah, Michel Zakour Street, Tayouneh – Tel: +9611278888

Moustapha Labban Est.

Moustapha Labban stores have been providing Lebanon with both retail and wholesale cosmetics and perfumes for over 50 years!


Address: Sadat St. Hamra, Beirut - Tel: +961 1 742 558

The Make-up Studio

With an elaborate assortment of quality products including over 200 eye shadows, 140 nail-polish colors, 140 lipsticks, 40 blush colors, and over 100 foundations, customers also get the freedom to create their own personal palettes by using the, "Mix and Match" system.


Address 1: Kaslik, Centre 564, Kaslik St., 9th fl. - Tel: +961 9 642595 | Address 2: Saida Mall, Nazih el Bizri Blv., Saida - Tel: +961 7 754854


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