What to Wear to London Grammar Concert Live in Beirut


The summer season is slowly coming to an end as the sounds of closing parties dwindle in the background. Goodbye outdoor Decks parties, open air Byblos concerts, and pumping music from the rooftops. Hashtag sigh.

Even though the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, I'm choosing to remain optimistic because it looks as though this Fall season is getting off to a pretty sweet start.

The Concert of the Season

By that sweet start, I am no doubt referring to the British electronic pop trio of London Grammar - Dominic 'Dot' Major, Hannah Reid & Dan Rothman - who are finally making their way to perform in Beirut this Saturday at Biel (Hall 1). In case you're not familiar with their music, check out my two favorite London Grammar tracks below!


OMG, What to Wear?

Now, I am pretty sure that all you ladies going to the concert are totally daydreaming about the perfect outfit for the event. Honestly the concert couldn't have come at a better time for us gals because the newest Fall 2014/2015 items have just hit boutiques all around town. Say it with me now: sweeeeet.

Get Inspired

I would highly recommend you start off by drawing inspiration from London Grammar's performance style, song lyrics and overall mood - and most of all, the band members' fashion sense. They are super laid back and casual, they have a strongly coordinated fashion sense that exudes comfort, and the overall look always appears to be effortless. That's actually not easy to pull off!


The Perfect Outfit

Well, we are here to help inspire an outfit that is perfect for the event. We were lucky enough to have it styled by the talented Wael Boutros as part of The Kill launch photo series editorial. The best part is that every item of the outfit is currently hanging on a rack in a store around Beirut just waiting for you.

narinalondon Photographed by André Wolff

Outfit Breakdown

Narina is wearing:

Black Lace Crop Top: GS Stores Black Faux-Leather Shorts: GS Stores Black Fishnet Jacket: GS Stores (Click here for more info) Black Platform Sneakers: Depechemode (Click here for more info) Face Clutch: by Sarah's Bag (Click here for more info)

5 Styling Tips:

/ Black is the color of the night (Gray also works) // Crop Tops, Slits, & Fishnet material break some black (and great for a bit of 'unintentional flirtatiousness') /// Leather, leather, leather - leather (don't be scared of it!) //// Pop some color with your clutch (use the clutch to inject color in the outfit) ///// Dark Lips (if you ever have a chance to pull off dark lipstick, it's now)

Oh and don't forget to put on a befitting attitude; introverted, mysterious with a pinch of 'I don't care'.

P.S: Think of socks as an affluent accessory.

My Top 2 London Grammar Tracks

As a final note, I personally can't wait to hear them perform my Top 2 favorite tracks: 'Strong' and 'Nightcall'.

"Excuse me for a while, while I’m wide-eyed, and I’m so down caught in the middle...".

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Narina is a co-founder of Raghunter and a contributor to Raghunter's online magazine. Amongst other things, she’s a Soviet-born-Lebanese-bred pilot-in-the-making and a series junkie. But for all we know she could be an undercover KGB spy.

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