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The Faqra Club Street Circus is an annual event starting today, Wednesday August 13 and ending Sunday August 17, from 4pm - 10pm. It's jam-packed with activities for all ages, workshops and entertainment. Chances are, if you're reading this, you probably already know about the event and are about to go up soon!

If you still need more info about the event check: The Event Page on Facebook, Faqra Club Website, Lebtivity Event Calendar.

You may be stumped about what to wear to the mountains in summer, so we thought it would be cool to put together some outfit suggestions and inspirations to give you some ideas.

Hope this is helpful, and enjoy your time up there!

Getting a Feel

When thinking about going up to Faqra, these are the types of outfits we'd recommend you use to inspire you. A combination of jeans shorts with long-sleeve tops, tied around the waist plaid shirts, maxi dresses, ripped jeans - basically anything that's comfortable and summery, but still attentive to the potential cool weather you might encounter after the sun sets. We'd also personally use this chance to accessorize and wear that fedora we have in the closet but don't often find a reason to wear; that's what's great about events, you can typically pull more things off there than at a regular outing.

Tip: If you are opting for heels, definitely wear wedges, there'll be some walking around to do. Also, we really think you can get away with wearing your low cut-off boots up there, and they always look great with jeans shorts.




Here are some outfit and item suggestions available in Lebanon:

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