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So in hopes that we still a few good ski weekends left this season, we thought it would be cool to share this with you guys. My sister just spent a long cozy weekend in Faraya with her hubby, which looked a little something like this.



Other than the amazing sunny weather, the perfect snow quality for skiing, and cheese-and-wine-filled nights, one of the things she mentioned when she came back was how wrong she had packed for the trip. There were so many items she forgot to pack and others that she packed but didn't even use.

Packing can be a painful process, I personally despise it because my entire closet ends up in the bag. I end up with too many items I don't actually wear and not enough essentials, which are the items I end up needing the most. If you relate in any way then you'll appreciate this as much as I do. I asked my sister to put together a complete checklist of all the items she'd recommend a Faraya weekend plan. The list caters more specifically to the ladies out there, but men can go over the checklist too because most of the items are general.

Packing Mindset: 5 Tips

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind before you start packing:

1 // KEEP DAYTIME OUTFITS SIMPLE: jeans, light sweaters and winter boots are the essentials. If you plan to hit the slopes, that's even easier because you’ll just end up wearing your gear most of the day.

2 // COMFORT OVER COOL: whether you end up skiing or not though, Faraya trips always start with a very early morning so when the day finally comes to an end, you’ll want to shower and just get into something super warm and comfy. Keep that in mind.

3 // AVOID THE HUGE SWEATERS: most places are very warm indoors, so you don't need to think about packing super heavy (and itchy) sweaters, it's all about that big warm coat you wear.

4 // THE CARRY ON: it's highly recommended that you pack everything in a carry-on and not a bag that you just carry because winter things can get quite heavy - you don't wanna go straining any muscles now! In fact, you'll probably need to put your ski gear in one bag (just because they are so bulky) and your personal items in another one.

5 // YOUR HAIR WON'T SUFFER: if you need to get your hair done, there is a Simon Mendelek Beauty Salon to prep you at the InterContinental Hotel in Mzaar. Tel.+961-9-340100

What To Pack To Faraya: A 35-Item Checklist

Here's the complete checklist of what to pack for a Faraya weekend - and if we missed something, please do email us at info@raghunter.com and we will add it to the list!

1. Ski/Snowboard Outfit

Don't forget the whole outfit plus all the accessories: ski/snowboarding jacket and pants, undergarments, sunglasses/goggles, headband/beanie, gloves, helmet, long warm socks. If you need to buy an outfit here are a few places both in Beirut and on the way to Faraya: Mike Sport, Decathlon, La Maison du Ski and Pic Blanc.

2. That Big Warm Jacket/Coat

Pack that jacket that you can throw over anything and instantly become cold-proof - preferably a knee-length one.

3. A Plush Cardigan

You know what we mean, that one big plush cardigan you have that you can throw on in the room over undies, and wear over a dress, and over a pair of jeans with a thin sweater, and...and..

4. 2 Daytime Casual Sweaters

Take one turtleneck and one regular sweater.

5. 2 Evening Tops

Those cute tops you can wear for dinner and a little dancing afterwards.

6. 2 Cotton Tops

These are just to wear a layer under your sweaters and jumpers to keep you extra warm.

7. Pair of Throw-Me-On Leggings

Those are useful at any point of the day, take a pair for sure.

8. Comfortable Pair of Jeans

The pair you'll probably wear on your way up to Faraya and back down.

9. Leather Pants

That's if you don't want to wear jeans again at night. Snow and leather totally work together.

10. Opaque Tights

You might want to wear these under your jeans or pants in case it's a really cold night.

11. A Pair of Sneakers

Just for casual outings like lunch or if you're going to the lobby to meet some friends for a coffee.

12. Pre/Post-Ski Comfy Boots

These boots you'll wear before and after skiing/snow boarding (i.e. your favourite pair of Uggs).

13. Knee-Length Flat Boots

To wear over your leggings or leather pants.

14. Booties for Evening Outings

Short booties with a small heel, we'd say avoid the high heels unless they are wedges for Faraya.

15. Match-All-Scarf

That one scarf that keeps your neck warm and you can throw over any outfit.

16. Leather Gloves

These are to wear in the evenings if your little fingers get cold.

17. Warm Hat/Beanie

You'll need this, especially if it's a particularly windy weekend.

18. Sunglasses

Take two pairs, just for fun.

19. Handbag for the Day

This is your go-to bag, your most compartmented reliable bag that you usually take when you travel.

20. Clutch/Crossbody Bag for the Evening

That cute little clutch you already have in mind that matches with everything.

21. Cotton Pajamas

We're recommending cotton because as mentioned before it's pretty warm indoors typically so you won't feel the need for more.

22. A Good Supply of Underwear

You'll burn through those pretty quickly.

23. Sports Bra

That's definitely preferable to a normal bra for skiing.

24. Swimsuit

If you're staying at a hotel, chances are there's a swimming pool. A heated one.

25. A Ton of Socks

You can never pack enough socks.

26. Toiletries, Makeup & Hairdryer

That includes: toothbrush and toothpaste, make-up remover, cotton discs, and even a nail file (they tend to chip easily in the cold).

27. SPF

One of the most important items on the list - do not leave Beirut without this.

28. Hand Cream & Body Lotion

Your skin will dry up so much in the cold outdoors and super warm indoors.

29. Lip Balm

You probably need that in your pocket at all times.

30. Hair Ties

Because we are girls and we always lose our hair ties, take some extra in case.

31. Phone Chargers

32. Headphones

*WARNING* make sure the volume is not too high on the slopes and you can hear what's going on around you at all times.

33. Snacks

Pack a few snacks (chocolate, energy bars or nuts) that you can munch on while skiing and between meals - you'll need the energy.

34. Chewing Gum

It would be great to keep some chewing gum in your pocket to break that pressure from high altitudes.

35. A Good Book

You know, just in case you get snowed in and run out of convos on your phone. Order one straight from Antoine Online. Obviously if you have a Kindle then take it with you!

Enjoy your weekend!

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