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We Made 'The Design Collective' Girls Exchange Styles, And It Was Marvelous


Your Local Fashion Guide to Beirut: #style

The Design Collective is a group of Lebanese designers who come together to push for local design and create pop-up concept boutiques. On March 17, they are reuniting for their second edition of Smashing Sales, an event where you can get your hands on their previous fashion collections for 30%-70% off.

We know the designers well. They just so happen to be our friends, our Beirut-based colleagues, and in more ways than one, our fellow (female) entrepreneurs. To us, they are each a reflection of the modern-day, independent, creative woman we personally aspire to be.

They are: Mira Hayek (of Mira Hayek), Nour Hage (of Nour Hage), Sarah Hermez (of CSB Ready-to-Wear), Tracy Moussi (of Second St), Tatiana Fayad and Joanne Hayek (of Vanina) and Christelle Fourzali and Clara Chammas (of Scarlet Concept Store - who unfortunately could not be with us for this).

In light of their upcoming sale event, we thought it would be cool to give you an idea of what kind of outfits you'll find - but we did it with a twist.

The Style Exchange

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So here's what went down.

We paired each girl with another and told them to style each other. Of course, we combined the least likely style pairings to make for the most interesting style exchange.

The results were pretty awesome - we hope you'll agree. It was so exciting to see how they all looked out of their style comfort zones. Girls, we say you should go for these looks more often!


Tatiana is one of the beautiful and wildly successful co-owners of Vanina. If you've seen photos of her, you'll remember that her style is typically super feminine and dainty - so we wanted to see her in a more sobering, and totally un-accessorized look. Creative Space Beirut's Ready-to-Wear collection is all about the full monochrome looks, i.e. the perfect style exchange.

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Styled by Sarah Hermez

Tracy Moussi X Nour Hage

Tracy is co-owner of Second St, only the coolest local shirt design brand. We know Tracy to go for layered, flowy looks - so we wanted to break that with something a bit more structured. Lucky for us, Nour dressed her in this kimono jacket. And of course, it's Nour's signature style to dress in total black (read more about that below) so this look oozes Nour Hage.

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Styled by Nour Hage

Sarah Hermez X Vanina

This one was just too fun. Sarah of Creative Space Beirut, definitely doesn't dress up like a girl's girl. It's not that she isn't feminine, but she goes for simple looks that don't involve accessorizing in any way. It was only natural that we pair her with Vanina, the top-of-mind local accessory brand we all love. Her dress is Vanina as well of course. Doesn't she pull it off so well!

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Styled by Tatiana Fayad

Joanne Hayek X Second St

Joanne is the other gorgeous-faced Vanina co-owner. Her style as we've previously seen is also more feminine and girly - so we wanted to break that by pairing her with the straight-cut, super-structured Second St shirt. Tracy chose the classic white shirt and Joanne matched it with her own leather pants giving it somewhat of a masculine look, which we totally love. That and her long, exotic, endless..endless curls.

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Styled by Tracy Moussi

Mira Hayek X Vanina

Mira is the owner and designer behind the ultra cool sportswear-feel brand, Mira Hayek. There's a certain tomboyish (but hot) feel to her collections and personal style. We wanted to see her in something pretty and soft, so we paired her up with Vanina yet again. We so dig this look.

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Styled by Joanne Hayek

Nour Hage X Mira Hayek

Alright, you need to this about Nour of Nour Hage. We have never seen her wear any color other than black or gray, except for her wedding day. Mira Hayek's collections always incorporate bold colors so we were really excited to see how Mira would style Nour. I mean, it's not full-on pink but hey, now we can officially say Nour wore pink.

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Styled by Mira Hayek

Raghunter Extra: Behind the Scenes Shots

Here are some behind the scene photos from the shoot - it was so fun. We are definitely doing this Style Exchange again!



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Don't Miss the Smashing Sales Event taking place in Mar Mikhael for three days - March 17, 18 and 19 (Thursday & Friday 6-9 pm, Saturday 3-9 pm) with sales up to 70%!

See you there, The Raghunter Team

Photography by Cynthia Merhej

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