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Magic Mushrooms & Healing Crystals

Sometimes we discover collections that are just feel-good. We don't know about you, but with all the crazy action that's been going on around us these days, it hasn't been easy to keep the positive energy flowing.

Which brings us to this Cera Barr limited 'Magic Mushrooms // Healing Crystals' collection, made from real crystals and stones used for energy healing (also called Lithotherapy). Doesn't reading that make you feel a little more relaxed already? The collection was inspired when the designer, Sara Barrage, visited a healer in South of France and she used crystals on her. She told us that the amethyst and crystal quartz in particular felt amazing!

Have a look at all the pieces below, and if you're interested to see (try on and buy!) the pieces, they are being exclusively being sold at Purrl Gallery in Saifi Village. In fact, the collection was made especially for their upcoming event on December 10 at 5pm called 'A Purrl in Wonderland'.

There's definitely something mystifying and enchanting about these pieces, and of course, they would make awesome gift ideas. But you already knew that.

Get Enchanted

--- All Pieces Sold Exclusively at Purrl Gallery, Saifi Village +961-1-974475 ---

Rainbowmagic Tiger's Eye Silver Earrings ($300)

Truth Speckled Obsidian Silver Necklace ($300)

Love Rose Quartz Silver Necklace ($350)

'Eatme' Clearquartz Silver Necklace ($200)

'Eatme' Chrysoprase Silver Necklace ($200)

'Eatme' Amethyst Silver Necklace ($200)

'Eatme' Agate Silver Necklace ($200)

Citrine Point Necklace ($200)

Chrysocolla Necklace ($100)

Energy Healing Crystal Necklaces ($100 each)

Gem of Fire Necklace ($150)

Harmony Pink Agate Earrings ($180)

Purple Portobello Earrings ($170)

St.Valentine Amethyst Earrings ($150)

Paradise Silver Ring ($250)

Silver Power Ring ($150)

Ice Heaven Silver Earrings ($300)

Powerball Silver Necklace ($150)

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***FYI - If you read about Cera Barr's items in Raghunter's Shopping Guide to Beirut (in the 'Statement Jewelry Pieces' section) the contact number there is incorrect, please contact Purrl Gallery directly at 01-974475***

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