We Asked, and 35 Mothers in Beirut Told Us What They Really Want this Mother's Day


Mother's Day is coming up this Saturday March 21st, the same day as it officially becomes Spring. What a beautiful coincidence that is, don't you agree?

So, instead of sending you gift ideas we THINK your mom would like, we thought of doing something different this year. We decided to ask moms out there what they REALLY want.

Do make sure to take a look at this if you have no idea what to get your mom. These are the real, unedited replies from 35 moms around Beirut. And if you've already asked your mom what she wants and she says 'nothing hayeti, baddi so7itkon bil dinye', she really means that - along with a gift to top it off.

We tried to link to you the places or items they said they wanted, it didn't work for all, but we will leave some of the creative part to you!

Happy Mother's Day to all our mamas out there.

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1. "I would love a gift card from ABC or Aishti because then I could use it at anytime to get something I really like."

ABC Gift Card | Aishti Gift Card

2. "The most important thing for me to receive is flowers, they can get me anything they want, as long as I see my house filled with flowers."

Exotica | Flowers to Beirut | Zoohoor | Beirut Flowers | Gifts to Lebanon

3. "Red satin Roger Vivier clutch with the Swarovski crystal buckle. Red because it's an evening staple color that goes with everything & is also a symbol of the Love my daughters have for me."

Roger Vivier Boutique Beirut

4. "I would love to receive flowers from my daughters because they live abroad with a nice note from each of them or it will be wonderful if one of them will surprise me & fly to Beirut for few days."

Exotica | Flowers to Beirut | Zoohoor | Beirut Flowers | Gifts to Lebanon

5. "Tacky gadgets, anything that says 'Best Mom', bears and flowers."

Exotica | Flowers to Beirut | Zoohoor | Beirut Flowers | Gifts to Lebanon

6. "A new iPad."

The Mac Shop Beirut | Virgin Megastore

7. "Jewelry would be asking too much from my kids, unless my better half is chipping in ;). The best reasonable gift for me would be the very latest Samsung Galaxy S6, 128GB."

Class Cellulars

8. "All I want is for them to come from overseas and be with me this time of the year."

9. "I would probably want another scarf as the one they gave me two years ago that I wore so much."

10. "I would like a spa voucher."

G Spa  | Four Seasons Spa | Tao Spa | Kimantra Spa | Aishti Day Spa

11. "I love receiving and giving gifts. I wish my kids would get me iPhone and iPad accessories or hand bag charms."

12. "A trip to a resort in Italy all arranged for with lots of pampering :)"

13. "Funky jewelry, especially rings."

Check out Roula Dfouni | Rosa Maria Jewelry | Lebelik | Vanina

14. "Flowers would be great, or my perfume and its body lotion."

Exotica | Flowers to Beirut | Zoohoor | Beirut Flowers | Gifts to Lebanon | C&F Perfume & Cosmetics

15. "A piece of ceramic from Nathalie Khayat."

Nathalie Khayat 

16. "I always like endearing notes that they give me and I have been saving them or 34 years. If a present accompanies the notes, I like scarves and have enjoyed quite a variety they have given me."

17. "If they can afford it, I would like one souvenir from all of them. For example a nice broche to pin on my suits and jackets as often as I can."

18. "5 carats D colour stone! Just kidding, flowers is my answer."

Exotica | Flowers to Beirut | Zoohoor | Beirut Flowers | Gifts to Lebanon

19. "I already have what I want as a gift! They already gave it to me. They gave me pride! But a new Chanel bag would do too."

20. "The best present for me is that my son calls me first thing in the morning to wish me a Happy Mother's Day! Then I would like him to change my Android phone to a new one, since they are more into technology than us."

Class Cellulars

21. "Well I'm going to leave my expensive taste on the side and ask for a magazine subscription to Architectural Digest, American Vogue, and a cooking magazine."

Architectural Digest Subscription | Vogue Subscription 

22. "I'd like a little square book (binded or hard cover) with all our pictures together: young, old, teta, jiddo, mom, pa, the pics of my pregnancy and when they were babies up until now - all in color of course!"

23. "Whenever my children have asked what I want for an occasion, I would always reply 'world peace'. I'm still waiting! But I always appreciate Spring flowers for Mother's Day."

Exotica | Flowers to Beirut | Zoohoor | Beirut Flowers | Gifts to Lebanon

24. "A scarf, colorful for Spring!"

25. "I would love for my boys to get me a simple tulip bouquet, the latest laptop for my work, and/or new grand children, preferably girls but I will love them a lot if they are boys too :)"

26. "Home laser hair removal machine."

27. "I want a family trip where we are all together - rare moments these days."

28. "I thought a new phone will be a useful gift which will remind me of my kids whenever I use it, which is practically every minute of the day."

Class Cellulars

29. "What I really want is a nice card and some flowers, but mostly time with them which I can't seem to have much of these days."

Exotica | Flowers to Beirut | Zoohoor | Beirut Flowers | Gifts to Lebanon

30. "Recently I've been interested in collecting books about interior design, food, and different countries of the world. Not only do they give a warm feeling of display at home, but they open me up to new ideas everyday.

Librarie Antoine | Virgin Megastore 

31. "I would love to come home and find all my kids coming specially for the occassion as a surprise visit - but if this is hard to get, I would like to have a gift certificate to spend the day in a beautiful spa (facials, massage...)."

G Spa  | Four Seasons Spa | Tao Spa | Kimantra Spa | Aishti Day Spa

32. "A picture frame with a photo of the three of them surrounding me to treasure forever. I wouldn't mind a touching message on top."

33. "I would like to have flowers from my son and be pampered at the spa with my two daughters."

Exotica | Flowers to Beirut | Zoohoor | Beirut Flowers | Gifts to Lebanon | G Spa  | Four Seasons Spa | Tao Spa | Kimantra Spa | Aishti Day Spa

34. "I will go for an expensive item: a watch."

35. "One million dollars."


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