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Visiting Lebanon This Summer? Catch up on local fashion with Raghunter


If you're a Lebanese living abroad and you're here on a summer trip, we sure hope it feels good to be back home. Most of us who live here have sort of a love/hate relationship with Lebanon, but the way I see it, you just have to love it wholly (and somewhat blindly) in order to maintain a certain amount of happiness.

At some point I was living abroad myself (in London, Madrid and New York), and I still remember how it feels to come back. Home-cooked meals (and just food-centric plans in general), high-school friends who remain family no matter where you are, and day and night plans all set up before even getting into town.

One of the best parts was discovering everything new that had opened in town: restaurants, bars, and shops. Even though I lived in super big and cosmopolitan cities, finding out what was new in Lebanon was special because it always offered it's own version of delicious food, good music, and interesting fashion.

If you're also on the look-out for 'new and noteworthy' things around town, you must get to know Raghunter.

Raghunter is Lebanon's first and only search engine for fashion items that are available in stores across town right now. It basically helps you discover items, stores, and designers in Lebanon. You can search according to any criteria that you enter in the search bar including location, price range, and product type. Screen_shot_2014-07-17_at_9.41.07_AM All products are only fashion for both men and women and include clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes and bags. At this point, our inventory for women is much bigger but we are working on growing it for the men as fast as we can. We have fashion items mainly from local designers and local boutiques - so it should be interesting to discover those - and we also have some boutiques that carry international brands. At the moment, only iOS users can download the app and use it on-the-go.

Finally, yes Raghunter is partly my company, and yes I will tell most people they must check it out, but I genuinely believe you'd appreciate its usage given that you most likely have so much to do with such little time. One of the biggest reasons we created Raghunter was to help people such as yourselves save time by locating a certain type of clothing/shoe/bag they are looking for, or discovering new fashion items in town at a button's reach.

Hope you check it out when you get a chance and that you'll enjoy your experience. If you have any feedback, it's more than welcome, just drop us a line at

Here's a preview of items that you can find on Raghunter.

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