Too Cute To Spook: Kid's Halloween Costumes



Evil witches, spooky ghosts, strange noises and haunted houses - it's Halloween time!

We know your kids and younger siblings are probably crazy excited thinking about ideas of what they want to be this Halloween. Fear not, we're here to help inspire you.

We had the most adorable 8 kids over at Raghunter for a kids Halloween costume playdate - the thought of little ones in Halloween costumes was something we could not resist seeing first-hand. We brought in a very talented set designer, Salim Cherfane, to put together a spooky Halloween photo shoot set. Then Glowbal Outlet Stores gave us a whole bunch of amazing kids Halloween costumes.

It was all magic after that.

Halloween Days

Costumes, Pumpkins, & Candy, Oh My kids1a

Eat At Your Own Risk kids2a

Good Witch, Bad Witch? kids7

Count Down To Candy kids4a

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun kids3a

Carvin' Out Some Good Times kids6a

Heads Will Roll kids8

If You've Got It, Haunt It kids9

I've Put A Spell On You kids5a

Mommy's Little Pumpkin kids10

Coffin Break kids11

glowbal banner 4

Halloween Nights

Witch Way Is The Candy? kids12

O, What A Tangled Web kids13

Witches Rest Stop - Prop Up Your Brooms Here kids14

There's Mischief Brewing kids15

Trick Or Treat, Sweets For The Sweet kids17

Boo Brothers kids16

Forget The Ghosts, Beware Of Me kids18

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Halloween Costumes at Glowbal Outlet Stores

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