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The smart Series: Philippe Yacoub on Fashion & Music

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Last week, we worked with three digital influencers in Beirut - Philippe Yacoub, Nadia Mneimne and Sabrina Cesari - to help promote the launch of the newly redesigned and incredibly fashionable smart fortwo and forfour via a special Test Drive Event in Beirut Souks. Fans got a chance to test drive the new smart with the influencers and chat with them about specific topics during the rides.

Here are some photos from the smart Test Drive event at Beirut Souks, featuring the new fortwo and forfour!


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The smart Series: Philippe Yacoub

Philippe was the first to host the test drives at Beirut Souks with us. Fans who came down got to take the car for a spin while listening to some of his favorite tracks and artists. Philippe started his career as a TV host on MTV. You'd probably recognise him from old shows such as Log-In, #Hashtag, and Autofocus.

Today, he's part of a show (also on MTV) called Menna w Jerr, he's a creative at one of the biggest music and media companies in Lebanon and on top of that all he DJs at some of the coolest parties in town. Philippe, where do you get the time?

Philippe Yacoub 33

A special thanks to Pop-Up Concepts, one of the hippest men's local fashion stores in Beirut, for dressing Philippe at the event.

After the test drives were over, we got a chance to sit with Philippe and pick his brain about a few things.

Here are 10 questions we asked him about fashion and music.

1. Favorite fashion brand of all time?

I don’t have a specific one per se cause I’m a real fast shopper, but I’ve grown fond of The Kooples lately.

2. Fashion item you’d never leave the house without?

I never leave the house without a black t-shirt, round or V-neck, whether I’m wearing one or I have a spare one in my car, at my friend’s, at my grandma’s.. I have the habit of buying the same T-shirt more than once!

philipe yacoub 45a

3. Fashion item you find yourself collecting:

I collect trucker hats from every country I visit, and they tend to get “stolen” or borrowed indefinitely sometimes, and Nike hightops, mainly Jordans.

4. Fashion item you’d never wear, like ever:

Sandals. Men sandals. Mendals. Any guy who wears them, I know he touches the area between the toes, and maybe he has a sniff. Disturbing.

Philippe Yacoub 23a

5. Best track of Summer 2016?

I’d go further than that, M83’s album “Junk” is the best album of the summer. It is an homage to 80’s music and features about 6 great tracks.

6. Worst track of Summer 2016?

Rihanna – Work ft Drake.

7. Your newest music discovery? (track, album, artist..)

A band from Australia called “City Calm Down”. The scene in Australia is producing some of the best music in the world with likes of Tame Impala, Jagwar Ma, Cut Copy, Last Dinosaurs leading the way. City Calm Down is a New Wave band (New wave being the music that defined the sound of theNorthern part of England in the 80’s with bands like The Smiths, Stone Roses, The Cure, Joy Division, Tears for Fears etc..), and they sound real good.

8. Music is my:


philippe 6a

9. Raghunter is my:

My newfound guide!

10. Best part about the newly redesigned smart fortwo & forfour:

The youthful aspect & the convenient size for a crowded city like Beirut.

Philippe Yacoub 12

Stay tuned for upcoming features on Nadia and Sabrina.

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