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The smart Series: Nadia Mneimne on Fashion & Make-Up

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We recently worked with three digital influencers in Beirut (Philippe Yacoub, Nadia Mneimne and Sabrina Cesari) to help promote the launch of the newly redesigned and incredibly fashionable smart fortwo and forfour via a special Test Drive Event in Beirut Souks. Fans got a chance to test drive the new smart with the influencers and chat with them about specific topics during the rides.

Here are some photos from the smart Test Drive event at Beirut Souks, featuring the new fortwo and forfour!


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The smart Series: Nadia Mneimne

Nadia Mneimne is a 22-year old Instagram-based fashion influencer in Beirut. Her account followed by more than 100,000 people, takes you through her fashion, travel and lifestyle journey.

But her thing is make-up. She told us she just loves having fun with make-up, the way you apply it can be different every day. Nadia also likes showcasing new tricks and tips when it comes to make-up application, you can catch her tutorial videos on Loolia.

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A special thanks to Vanina for dressing Nadia at the event.

After the test drives were over, we got a chance to sit with Nadia and pick her brain about a few things.

Here are 10 questions we asked her about fashion and make-up.

1. Favorite fashion brand of all time?

Zara has all the necessary for a stylish and trendy look at an affordable price.

2. Fashion item you’d never leave the house without?

I will never leave the house without my watch or necklace or I would feel weird and empty. I could be wearing a very simple shirt but the chic necklace will bring the whole outfit to life.

3. Fashion item you find yourself collecting:

I’ve been a huge fan of sneakers since I was a kid (I literarily have over 20 pairs). I just think they are comfy and stylish a and you can wear them with a pair of jeans, skirt, dress… SNEAKERS FOR LIFE.

4. Fashion item you’d never wear, like ever:

Leggings with a crop top. I hate it and it just looks weird (unless you’re going to the gym).

5. Favorite make-up brand?

Benefit Cosmetics is one of my favorite makeup brands. Regardless of how amazing their products are, have you seen packaging? WOW. I can never throw their boxes, they’re just too cute.

6. Favorite make-up item?

Eyeliner, definitely. My makeup is never completed without the winged eyeliner; it’s my signature.

7. Your best make-up discovery recently?

To make your lashes look longer, use two coats of mascaras (a normal one then the dry one).

8. To me, fashion is:

Is a form of self-expression. I believe that the way the person wears reflects who you are, your mood, and your state of mind.

9. Raghunter is my:

Local Fashion Guide!

10. The best thing about the newly redesigned smart fortwo & forfour:

I enjoyed riding both cars. For a country where a lot of people have trouble parking, the Smart fortwo &forfour sets you in a very comfortable mood. Last but not least, its new colors and designs definitely make it a trendy car!

Stay tuned for Sabrina's upcoming feature.

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