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Lebelik is one of the country's first fashion e-commerce websites that launched a few years ago, and today is home to over 60 of Lebanon’s most talented designers, and 2,500 of their creations.

The team recently launched a new design for the website, and we are in love with it! It's fresh, progressive, and screams Lebanese fashion. We just had to share it with you all in case you haven't seen it yet.

OH, and they do deliver within Lebanon in a 24-hour timeframe, so think about Lebelik when you think about how you may get stuck in horrific traffic jams to do your Christmas shopping.

Here's what we like about Lebelik's newly revamped website.

Action-Packed Content

When you land on the website now, you get a lot of cool content to browse and read through.


L'Armoire de Lana Collaboration

Lebelik has teamed up with L'Armoire de Lana, successful Lebanese fashion and lifestyle blogger. Every season, Lana will be working along with a Lebelik designer to create a unique piece, to be exclusively sold on Lebelik. The idea behind such collaborations is to increase the exposure of Lebanese designers and their art.

Gift Search

You can now search for gift ideas directly on Lebelik, and the best part is you can search according to your budget.

Accessorize by Season

Click on that link to see what kind of accessories are available on Lebelik for you to accessorize your Winter outfits. The fun part is we will most likely keep seeing new item suggestions per season.


Suggested Outfits

Shopping is always so much fun, but we can get overwhelmed when we have too many options - something we know all too well from Raghunter. Sometimes we need experts to give us ideas to help narrow down our search. That's where gift ideas, outfit suggestions and editor's picks come into play. We see that Lebelik has started doing that here and we can't wait to keep up with that every season.

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Get Last-Minute Home Delivery

THIS IS SO COOL. Have you been driving at all lately? Imagine what it's going to be like as it gets closer and closer to Christmas. Try buying your gifts online this year.


View Latest Added Items

This is always really helpful because you can keep up with the newest items that have hit the website, especially if you're a regular :)

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View Sale Items

Who doesn't always check the sale item category? Well here you go.

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Home Collection Category

Now you can also find home products on Lebelik - a lot of which are SUPER cute and very reasonably priced. They can be really excellent Christmas gift ideas.


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Happy shopping online!


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