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Unseen: Hitman Photo Shoot by Raghunter


In light of our good friends The Wanton Bishops's nomination for the Berlin Music Video Awards, we pulled out some unseen photos from our shoot on location of their music video, Hitman. What a pleasure to see that our local… Continue Reading

What Cool Merch to Buy at Wickerpark | The Wanton Bishops: T-Shirts & EP


Alright folks so The Wanton Bishops will be headlining Wickerpark Music Festival 2016, but you already knew that. But here are two things you may not know: The Wanton Bishops will exclusively be releasing their full EP at Wickerpark, before… Continue Reading

A Raghunter Exclusive | The Wanton Bishops: Pre-Tour Preps


Alright Wanton Bishops fans, we hope you're ready for this. That means you'll be seeing an exclusive fashion angle for all the band's new upcoming material, music videos, shows and tours (ahem: new EP release in September) - with a… Continue Reading