#smart car lebanon:

Why We Think You Should Be a smart Driver with a Chance to Travel This Summer


You've probably seen smart's "Own it in Beirut. Drive it in Spain." campaign on billboards around Beirut, on your newsfeed - and if you are an avid Beirut Souks shopper - you might have seen the smart cars exhibited there… Continue Reading

The smart Series: Sabrina Cesari on Fashion & Design


We recently worked with three digital influencers in Beirut (Philippe Yacoub, Nadia Mneimne and Sabrina Cesari) to help promote the launch of the newly redesigned and incredibly fashionable smart fortwo and forfour via a special Test Drive Event in Beirut… Continue Reading

The Coolest Street Style at Beirut Design Week 2016


Brought to you by smart - Beirut Design Week is one of the most anticipated annual events in Beirut. In its fifth consecutive year, Beirut Design Week is one of the largest design festivals bringing together top creative minds in… Continue Reading