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Shop Local Designers From Around the World on Bucolik

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Bucolik is a fashion e-commerce website that launched earlier this year as a curated marketplace for emerging designers. It features an exclusive roster of fashion, jewelry and accessories labels from around the world, starting with countries like Lebanon, Turkey, the… Continue Reading

20 Affordable Last-Minute Valentine's Gifts You Can Buy Online From Lebanon


Here's a round-up of 20 affordable Valentine's Day gifts you can buy online for your lady. All the websites are based in Lebanon so don't worry about the order getting there on time. Good luck! Ana Albi Dalili Earrings ($13.5)… Continue Reading

Pointure's Online Store - One of the Most Promising in Lebanon


Pointure is one of the biggest local multi-brand boutiques in the country, hosting over 150 international brands for men and women throughout its stores. The first store opened in 1985 and today has a prominent presence in three key locations… Continue Reading