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Introducing Bags by Phoxx - Rawr

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Bags by PHOXX is a new brand that aims at redefining the conventional meaning of a handbag and changing the notion that a beautiful handbag should cost a fortune. Najwan Meyassar is the founder and designer of Bags by PHOXX… Continue Reading

Christmas Gift Ideas: Gorgeous Bags & Clutches


There are a few things most women would never say no to, and one of them is being gifted a gorgeous handbag or clutch. Whether you’re buying a present for your sister, friend, girlfriend, wife or even yourself, we’ve got… Continue Reading

7 Questions with LaLaQueen


On the 4th floor of a traditional Hamra building rests LaLaQueen's very quaint atelier. As you step into the foyer, you are met with brilliant sunlight bursting through the windows and notice that the main room breaks out into three other rooms. Sally Sarieddine… Continue Reading