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Summer Lifestyle Goals: Urban Walks with Lindsey Akelian (Part 2)

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With daylight savings back, the sun is setting later and beautiful beach days are just up ahead. We're not sure about you, but we need some motivation to get our fit summer lifestyle back on track.

We got in touch with 3 real people in Beirut who've got their lifestyles in check all year round. They granted us the pleasure of tailing them for a day around their regular activities to see how they go about their routine: from working out, to eating meals, to walking their dogs and work meetings, and even to having a couple of drinks.

SO! If you too need a little push to get your summer bod on, start nowhere but here.

Summer Lifestyle Goals: Featuring Lindsey Akelian

Lindsey Akelian is a true sports lover who left local station MTV where she was working as a producer for 6 years, to pursue her love for sports.

She describes it perfectly: "I just woke up one day and decided to shift to sports. Production is cool but it was never my passion. Whereas sports, I’ve always loved. Sports was never an obligation nor an hour to kill in order to stay in shape, it was more of a basic need to keep me going through my day. I feel the need to workout everyday."

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Lindsey was born in Los Angeles, California but was raised and brought up here in Lebanon and definitely considers it her hometown. She speaks 4 languages: English, Arabic, French and Armenian - although she can't say she speaks Armenian fluently, but she does understand it perfectly. Lindsey's favorite sport is any kind of outdoor activity such as hiking, cycling, running or CrossFit.

Maintaining a good physique is important, but the reason behind that basic need is the kick I get out of it, it’s more of a mental thing.

Part 2: Urban Walks

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Getting around Beirut on foot is not always accessible and let's say, appealing. But when we do make the effort, it's a great way to get some exercise into our day. We walked around the city with Lindsey while she shed some of her positive light on us about her love for sports.

When it comes to walking she says: "Of course I make it a point to walk from one place to another in the city whenever I get the chance, I love walking around Beirut. It’s beautiful and reviving."

Photography: Captured By Ingrid Naccour

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"I was recently properly introduced to cycling and I fell in love. I do understand honestly the reason behind this whole cycling movement. Cycling is a great cardio exercise it also helps build and enhance other muscles such as the legs (quads, hamstrings and calves), hip muscles, gluteus in addition to the upper body muscles which act mainly as support and stabilization but yet again is considered an amazing workout such as the core, arm muscles, chest and shoulders, and the muscles of the back."

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"I live in an area that doesn’t push you much to go for a run with your dog, it’s not as refreshing as you would want it to be. But I drove my dog several times to Beirut on purpose and jogged around the city. Mar Mikhael l is a really cool place to take out your dog for a jog in Beirut."

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"I always have spare sneakers in my car, you never know when you’ll be up and running. Knowing myself and how much I'm obsessed with sports, I could be having a simple gathering with friends for instance and then feel the need to work out and blow off some steam. I loved BHV’s Urban collection and the clothes options and would definitely go and shop there again!"

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"I love all kinds of sports. I'm the type who would be the first to jump in whenever and wherever - whether it's volleyball, hiking, cycling, or anything at all really. I love dancing too :) and it was a big part of my life as I did hip-hop for 10 years."

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