Rue Des Demoiselles is a line of fashion accessories handcrafted with love by a young Lebanese designer, Karma. Rue Des Demoiselles was born from an interest in fashion, details and finesse. It all started as a summer project that gradually turned into a line of accessories. These accessories are inspired by elements that Karma finds around her. Rue Des Demoiselles items bring out beauty in common and mundane elements we tend to find around us, and add an edgy look to your outfits!


Karma was born in Beirut (Lebanon), a vibrant city in the Middle East. Since a young age, she was exposed to art in many forms and developed an interest in it. On a hot day of summer in 2011, Karma took out her accessories fabrication kits she used to play with when she was younger, and started experimenting with the fabrics and beads that she found. A couple of months later, her first collection was put together- that’s when Rue Des Demoiselles was born.

Karma is currently pursuing her Business Administration studies at the American University of Beirut.