Oumnia (a wish), as its name means in Arabic, is what Nivine Maktabi wished for and aimed to express in her joyful boutique at Saifi Village, Quartier des Arts in Beirut, Lebanon.

As a tradition and passion in the Maktabi family, Nivine Mohamed Maktabi followed the footsteps of her late father Mohamed and his love to carpets. She decided to learn about the history and origin of hand-made carpets at Sotheby’s Institute in London, UK where she resided. Gradually, these pieces of art known as Persian and Oriental rugs became a passion that developed into a career.

Since 2006, Oumnia by Nivine Maktabi, an Oriental store with a Modern Twist, an alluring marriage of the Orient and the East, showcases the best of the textile craftsmanship.

The boutique stocks the softest Cashmere & Pashmina shawls specially designed with unique and delicate embroidery and hand paint from as far as India to colorful, fun & decorative hand knotted Carpets & mixed media wallhanging from Iran, Turkey and the Orient.

It’s a concept store, where the Tradition and the Modern shake hands over unique designs. Each handmade item unfolds a story & represents a blend of form, decoration and function in an integrated whole.

The “Knot by Knot” Carpets selection, the Needle work “Suzani” Textile Art, the Delicate Shawls that Nivine Maktabi passionately and personally collects and designs, form a fun, colourful and decorative combination.

At Oumnia, Nivine Maktabi guarantees you a colourful path to traditional textiles.