The Mukhi Sisters design wearable collections of fine jewelry.

Using gold, diamonds, as well as other precious and semi-precious stones, they draw on their personalities, interests and obsessions to create high-end pieces. You can describe a Mukhi Sisters piece as a statement of individuality. Some of their favourite statement and signature collections are the ones that Mukhi clients tell them are conversation pieces.

Queen Vicky is a Mukhi Sisters signature collection that is approaching its three-year anniversary. Divided into two segments, Queen Vicky encompasses authentic-vintage pieces and reproductions of vintage pieces. The Queen Vicky authentic-vintage is a real treat of gold craftsmanship and incorporates hard-to-find stones. The selection of reproductions is a combination of modern meets old-world jeweler techniques. The Mukhi Sisters have recreated stunning Victorian brooches, necklaces, rings and even earrings.

The EverYours collection is a sentimental journey with the Mukhi Sisters! EverYours is a mirror of life-stages: you have the option of rings that lend themselves to your romantic side, bracelets and bangles that are really streamlined yet still seductive, and pendants of sapphire and emerald that really catch the eye. The EverYours collection makes use of diamonds and rubies as well; the Mukhi Sisters believe that for the precious moments in your life, the elegant and simple lines of this collection paired with the fine gems are absolutely a perfect fit.

Contagious is the third collection by the Mukhi Sisters. This range is about the evolution of the brand. Contagious continuously reflects the most eclectic of Mukhi Sisters designs: a combination of creative spark and explosive originality defines the Mukhi Sisters aesthetic. Contagious is mainly a gold line that is complimented by rarely encountered semi-precious stones. The focus of this collection is statement pieces: primarily rings and earrings.