Massoud is a chain of lingerie shops specialized in the retail of women and men quality lingerie. It was established back in 1945, and it all started with the opening of the first shop in Souk l Tawile, not only obeying to what women need, but expanding his offers over the years to include the mens branch as well.

This shop is highly known by its taste of luxury regarding its widened reach of its collection all over France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, Turkey and many more. Massoud’s first aim is to stimulate the feminine sense in each woman by providing her looks whether it is sexiness, elegance, comfort, romance, sports.

In fact, Massoud Lingerie’s collections consists on a wide and pampering products such as bras, panties and a large variety of loungewear, sleepwear, silk wear, nightgowns, sportswear for both men and women.

Therefore, representing a companion to every woman during all the stages of her life such as teenage, adult, marriage, maternity.

Not to forget that Massoud searches always for woman’s pleasure and satisfaction through its intense trained selling team in each of its branches, in order to offer you all the help you need to find what you are looking for, and to spoil yourself with your satisfied needs.