In Liwan every object is unique. Handmade. Inspired by the past. Adapted to the present. Pared down, portable. It’s the world of the oriental nomad.

Twenty years of creation signed Lina Audi: a living and simplified version of forms building upon an ancestral savoir-faire, that of the artisans of the Middle-East, and of Lebanon in particular.

Clothing as well as objects for the home offer a new idea of the east. A lightened vision filled with innovation and modernity in terms of materials, cuts, colors. For example, the sandals that have made appearances all around the world. Silk scarves, belts and traditional slippers are also transformed into modern pieces. Easy to wear, to carry, to adapt. They’re the bridge between the old and the new. They’re what are left when the pointless has been plucked out.

Liwan has, over the passing years, developed and strengthened a recognizable identity: the concept of that which is rare, crafted, from far away, adding the spice of one culture to another. And the result fits like a glove. It’s a two-sided coin: the different and the complimentary.

With time, the frontiers are pushed back, they shift and open up.
From a Yemeni chech scarf to Turkish earrings, via Egyptian alabaster and Ethiopian textiles, Liwan maintains its focus around the same constant: a dream without exotica, luxury without excess. The fusion of fashion and memory.

One can’t find everything at Liwan, but what one does find is unique.


Ground Floor
56 Madrid Street
Mar Mikhael

+961 1444141

Opening Hours

  • From: 10:00 To: 19:00
  • From: 10:00 To: 19:00
  • From: 10:00 To: 19:00
  • From: 10:00 To: 19:00
  • From: 10:00 To: 19:00
  • From: 10:00 To: 18:00

Practical Info

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  • Parking: YES
  • Accepted Cards: Mastercard, Visa
  • Accepted Currencies: US Dollars, Lebanese Pounds

Spoken Languages:

English, Arabic