Launched in 2012 DINA JSR is a Paris-based womenswear label that offers a seamless transition from elegant daywear to easy-to-wear nightwear.

Intended for working women in urban environments, DINA JSR puts forward a wardrobe for contemporary needs that is both practical and luxurious, always easy to dress up or down.

Created by a former gemologist, it follows a similar earthly sensibility: organic shades, sculptural volumes, a daily, elegant shield that shelters and empowers the woman inside.

It is a cross between the three cultures: it bears the urban, forward thinking experimentation of London, the artisanal know-how of Parisian atelier practice and the sheer sensuality and luxurious ornamentation of traditional Lebanese sensibility. It effortlessly, flowingly combines those three aspects into modern, refined pieces and timeless elegance.