Start Moving: Bershka's Kick-Ass Gym Wear Collection


We are big gym-goers here at Raghunter. You'll see us down at the gym about three times a week busting our butts. If you do the same, we are pretty sure you can agree on a few things.

First and foremost, nothing in the world feels better than breaking a sweat.

Second, once you get started at the gym, it becomes really hard to stop. Mainly because you start seeing those abs take shape.

Third, even if it's 'just the gym', we do pay attention to what we wear.

Gym wear is a whole realm of clothing on its own: there's the sports bra, the leggings, the tanks, the sweaters, the tight-fitted and the loose garments, the sneakers, and even the sports bag. It's terribly exciting!

When we came across Bershka's Spring/Summer 'Start Moving' gym wear collection, we had to kind of stop what we were doing, and really look at it.


The collection is inspired by skateboarding, a sport that also requires total freedom of movement. It is sprinkled with interesting elements and twists you wouldn't normally expect - like a flash of neon pink, animal print, and metallic finishes.

The overall collection is almost like urban wear in the sense that some pieces are wearbale outside of the gym.


The best part of the collection for us is that it's super affordable compared to other high-end sports brands. It's a great way to get more items into your gym wear collection without having to walk around with an empty wallet.





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