Six Nail Colors To Kick Off Your Spring

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There are different nail trends for every season and event. For example, you may want to consider having sparkly nails on New Year’s Eve because the sparkles will distract people from the fact that you’re alone and crying into your vodka soda at the stroke of midnight.

Aside from that, the Spring season is a very fun time for nail polish enthusiasts because the options are endless; you have the choice between going for bright or muted colors – your nails are your canvas!

Here are 6 nail polish colors you can find in Beirut to help you get in the Spring mood this April.

SALSA from China Glaze


This bright fire-engine red is the perfect color to help you transition from the Winter blues to the Spring sunshine!



By buying Dali nailpolish, you’re contributing 5% of the proceeds to the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon, and if that’s not reason enough, this gorgeous color is sure to win you over. This bright lilac is the perfect mix of pastel and neon; the two biggest color trends for Spring 2015.



This beautiful and saturated color will brighten up your day and punch up your look!



This pale and creamy green color is the perfect shade of green; it is bright enough without being too flashy.

BLUE IT from Sally Hansen


Metallic colors are extremely trendy this Spring and have already been featured in most runway shows. This electric blue is flattering for all skin tones and all nail shapes!

NUMBER 98 from Swell


This Lebanese brand has a very extensive variety of colors, and is extremely reasonably priced! This particular color is almost a dark raspberry, or berry-red.

Where to Buy Nail Polish in Beirut

1. C & F - Cosmetics and Fragrances: Address 1: Crowne Plaza Center, Hamra - Tel: +9611369898 | Address 2: Beirut Souks, Downtown Beirut - Tel: +9611993115 2. Color Moods: Address: Attieh Bldg., Koreitem, LAU Lower Gate, Beirut - Tel: +9611790020 3. Le Gabriel Pharmacy: Address: Elias Sarkis Ave, Achrafieh - Tel: +9611324686 4. C & E: Address: Mar Roukoz, Hazmieh - Tel: +9615459880 5. Issam Labban Est.: Address: Hamra Main St. Beirut - Tel: +9611353630 6. Izzat Daouk Stores: Address 1: Mama St. Tallet el Khayat - Tel: +9611316000 | Address 2: Jal el Dib Highway, Jal el Dib - Tel: +9614722622 7. Mazen Pharmacy: Address 1: Mazraa Main Street, Beirut - Tel: +9611313362 | Address 2: Chiyah, Michel Zakour Street, Tayouneh - Tel: +9611278888 8. The Nail Bar: Address 1: Next to Spinney's, Achrafieh - Tel: +9611204264 | Address 2:Facing Studio Arabesque, Sarba - Tel: +9619645050 9. Naiiman: Address: Nour Blg. Chile St, Verdun - Tel: +9611787858 10. TSC Supermarkets: Address 1: Beirut Souks, Downtown Beirut - Tel: +9611986444 | Address 2: Achrafieh Main St. - Tel: +9611339299 | Address 3: Damascus Highway, Hazmieh - Tel: +9615955200

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