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Bucolik is a fashion e-commerce website that launched earlier this year as a curated marketplace for emerging designers. It features an exclusive roster of fashion, jewelry and accessories labels from around the world, starting with countries like Lebanon, Turkey, the USA and Peru.

Bucolik is the birthchild of Nour Khoury Jallad, who we met a few years ago at the time she began promoting independent designers on her fashion blog. A growing designer scene as well as a growing demand to buy emerging designers prompted her to take things to another level and start selling those labels online.

We're personally so excited to see a fresh new e-commerce platform sourcing local talent from all over. If you haven't checked out Bucolik yourself, be sure to after you read more about it below.

Bucolik Website | Bucolik Facebook Page | Instagram: @bucolik_official

10 Questions With Nour of Bucolik

We met up with Nour one hot summer's day in Mar Mikhael to get to know Nour and Bucolik a bit better. Over a coffee from Bar Tartine and a walk throughout the neighbourhood passed some of our favourite spots (i.e. Internazionale), here's what we found out.

1. What is Bucolik in 1 line.

A virtual marketplace of emerging designers, handpicked from around the world.

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Wearing Second.St

2. What can people in Beirut buy on Bucolik that they can't buy online anywhere else?

Selling products is a small part of what we do. We want our customers to feel like they’re traveling the world with us, meeting the designers we know and love, and exploring their native cities.

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Wearing Second.St

3. What's the best thing about Bucolik?

It makes my heart beat everyday!

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Wearing Second.St

4. Why Bucolik, what does the name mean? How did you come up with it?

Bucolic means pastoral, rustic, back to the roots … of creativity. My husband Karl came up with the name and we decided to change the spelling to Bucolik, with a K.

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Wearing Second.St

5. What's the most challenging part of starting a fashion e-commerce website?

Trying to create a platform for designers – whether it’s young designers or more established designers, to create a place where they really have control over their online presence within that multi-brand environment.

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Wearing Second.St

6. What do you think of emerging fashion designers here in Beirut?

Beirut is a city of contrasts: East meets West, old meets new, classic meets contemporary. That dichotomy extends to fashion design. Luxury brands coexist with high street labels, and there’s no shortage of bespoke evening wear or mass-produced ready-to-wear. But there’s a widening gap between them. Bucolik stands at the intersection of those extremes. We scout beautifully designed, handmade collections that won’t completely break the bank – and that you won’t see on everyone else.

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Wearing Karoline Lang

7. What would you say about your own personal style? What or who is the most influential part of the way you dress?

Experimental. Today I might be wearing Rag and Bone ripped denim shorts with an H&M white t-shirt and biker leather jacket. Tomorrow I’ll be wearing a beautiful dress by Miu Miu then I might be into floral prints. Since I work in fashion every day, I like to experiment with it and discover new talent. A famous saying that I live by is: "The one who doesn’t try anything doesn't make mistakes." I like to take risks.

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Wearing Karoline Lang

8. What's your favorite city to discover unique local fashion designers here in the region?

Istanbul, their designers give us dreams and storytelling, which is exactly what fashion needs to be about.

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Wearing Karoline Lang

9. What's one item from your closet you wouldn't sell even if someone was willing to buy it for $1 million?

A vintage ring from my grandmother.

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Wearing Karoline Lang

10. What are your top 5 item picks on Bucolik right now?

The Rumisu Scarf


The Lumalu Organic Lipstick


The Lug Von Siga Baby Doll Dress


The Karma El Khalil Starbust Necklace


The Nour Hammour Black Leather Jacket


Thank you for spending the day with us Nour!

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Nour of Bucolik and Serene of Raghunter

Bucolik Website | Bucolik Facebook Page | Instagram: @bucolik_official

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