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The Bayrut Express is one of the most unique concept stores in Beirut that specializes in selling all fashion items related to environmental causes. This means that they focus on selling items that are eco-friendly, sustainable, or recycled. We think it's really awesome that a store like this exists in Beirut.

What's even more exciting is that the brands that The Bayrut Express sells are trendy, wearable and very demanded: Spektre sunglasses anyone? Here's a better idea of what brands the store sells and why you need to get down there and check it out for yourself.

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What You Can Buy at The Bayrut Express

We listed the main brands and items you can buy at The Bayrut Express but the store is jam-packed with other fashion items too including organic cotton-made clothes, virginstone bracelets for men, as well as accessories such as belts and more.

Swimwear, Panama Hats, & Beach Towels

Go down to The Bayrut Express for some really cool swimwear for both women and men, you probably won't find similar designs anywhere else in Beirut. Their summer collections are arriving in store very soon (in the next 10 days), but if you go now you will be able to catch some of last summer's swimwear collections on sale. They also sell swimwear and bathing suits for kids, but only for girls at this point.


They also sell beach towels and Panama hats, go down and try them on for yourself!


Spektre Sunglasses

If you are looking for those edgy Spektre sunglasses, you can find them at The Bayrut Express. They are really known for their colorful mirrored lenses that are designed for both women and men. Spektre sunglasses (some, not all) are made from recycled plastic in case you didn't know before.

spektre beirut express

Havaianas Slippers

We bet most of you have at least one pair of Havaianas slippers, but if you want another one this summer, you can find them sold at The Bayrut Express. Havaianas slippers are made from recycled leather.

havaianas beirut

Waste Bags

Waste is a Lebanese-born brand specialized in handcrafting quality bags, accessories, and furniture out of advertising banners. They have endless designs and are probably a great idea to use as beach bags for the men out there. Waste's mission is to "Design and make the best products while caring for the environment and our community."


Inkkas Sneakers

These multi-colored soul-uplifting sneakers are popping up everywhere around town - and we are totally crazy about them (we just haven't actually been able to go buy ourselves a pair). Inkkas sneakers are handmade in Peru and the brand's partnership with 'Trees for The Future', guarantees that every purchase you make will directly allow them to plant a new tree on the planet.


Toms Shoes

Toms need no introduction and you can buy them as well at The Bayrut Express. As you probably already know about Toms, and as they explicitly say: "With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One." TOMS has given more than 35 MILLION PAIRS of NEW SHOES to children in need.




Vea is yet another Lebanese brand that was born from a conscious purpose to contribute in preserving the environment. Vea specializes in upcycling inner tire rubber tubes into fashionable, handmade rubber bags, purses, wallets, belts and accessories. All their products are designed by talented Lebanese fashion designers and handcrafted by our skilled tailors, with the collaboration of Société Saint Vincent de Paul – Liban for their side work. The rubber used in their product comes from used bicycle, motorbike, car and truck inner tire tubes. Did you ever think that a company like that existed here? It's so impressive honestly.


Visit & Follow The Bayrut Express

Address: Sassine, Achrafieh - Behind Libanpost | Tel: +9611338086 | The Bayrut Express Facebook Page | Instagram: @bayrutexpress


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