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Raghunter X Uber Want To Take You To Wickerpark 2015: Here's What To Expect This Year

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Read through this jam-packed article to get a good idea about what's new this year, fashion news, the line-up, and of course how Uber plans to get you there.

For the first time ever, Raghunter and Uber are partnering to take you places.

We've got quite a few things in store, starting with one of the coolest and most anticipated local music festivals in the country: WICKERPARK 2015.

Let's start with what's new this year.

Wickerpark 2015: Moving Forward


To get a better idea of what's going down at Wickerpark 2015, we grabbed a beer (kidding we grabbed 3) at Vyvyan's with none other than Georges and Michelle Daou, the most amazing brother and sister duo, who represent two out of three co-founders of Wickerpark festival. The third co-founder Omar Youssef, wasn't there to join us, but he's the technical guru of the team and was probably off working on what they hinted would be one of the coolest stage designs yet.

In what will be its 5th installment this year, the festival is evolving and dipping its toes into new territory.

1 // While the majority of music has always been homegrown with line-ups including loved acts from Charlie Rayne and Postcards to The Wanton Bishops and Mashrou3 Leila, this year expect a few foreign acts as well. In what Georges depicted as a quasi-sharing economy for budding local talent, it's important for Wickerpark to also introduce and support acts from different countries by exposing them here. This year, they've brought in acts from both Paris and Berlin. Scroll below for the full line-up.

2 // Second, in very relevant and admirable news, and for the first time ever, Wickerpark is planning to be a zero-waste festival. As you go at it and empty those beer bottles, there will be a team managing all waste and filtering them on the spot.

3 // Third, and we actually love this. Last year the festival brought in around 4,500 people, which is absolutely amazing. But in light of trying to keep the festival contained and not too over-crowded for everyone there, this year the team is locking in at 4,000 people. When most other event organizers end up squishing us in corners to make a couple more bucks at the expense of our comfort, these guys put our comfort first. We'd say you better hurry and buy your tickets, like now.

4 // Lastly - and whoever knows us knows just how exciting this really is for us - it's the first year that a DJ will fully take over the decks to shake things up (EDM style) and close the show. This way we've got it all folks.

Who's excited damn it!

We Vouch For Wickerpark Fashion

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Moving to some juicy fashion news, and we don't mean to get ahead of ourselves here, but by that we mean: cool and funky t-shirts and accessories you'll be able to buy at very affordable prices on the spot at the festival. Fashion you'll actually want to buy, possibly wear there, and take home for another day.

When we saw the items for ourselves, and in typical Raghunter fashion, we decided to make a cool shoot out of it and share it with you guys. We drove over to the venue last Sunday where the entire Wickerpark team was there hanging out and planning. Somewhere between the BBQ and some beer n' booze, we managed to grab a select few and have them pose as our star models.

Check out the shots. And if you don't follow us there already, catch us on Instagram @raghunter for more content we took that day including awesomely hilarious GIFs (#wedontduplicatecontentonourchannels).

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So in other words, watch out for one-of-a-kind cropped, cut-out, jagged edged t-shirts for the ladies. Super nice quality Wickerpark-designed t-shirts for the gents.

Neon-colored guitar-shaped accessories you'll find as earrings (kindly only wear one at a time, no one wants to see two big guitars dangling from your ears, precious), and others you'll find as pendants.

Pins! Wickerpark logo pins, green crab pins, Santana pins (if you go to Vyvyan's ever, you'll know who we are talking about).

There's more. Panama hats, customized ones with Wickerpark ribbon colors (in collaboration with Mellow). And oh, metallic tattoos.

Uber it to Wickerpark*

For anyone out there who hasn't been acquainted with Uber yet, it is a smartphone app that connects riders to drivers at the tap of a button. It's also the most efficient and affordable car service out there.

Sign up to Uber now and enter the promo code below to get your ride.


*In terms of getting back to Beirut you have four very viable options:

1) There may be some Uber drivers based in Batroun to get you back, try it out for sure. 2) There will be a taxi stand at the festival set-up by Wickerpark, they will call you one on the spot whenever you're ready to come back. 3) Hop in a friend's car. 4) Get lucky :)

Enjoy the festival guys. And hopefully you'll end up somewhat like this :)

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