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Raghunter x Decks on the Beach | The Snapchat Takeovers: Featuring Bashar Assaf

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Raghunter X Decks: The Snapchat Takeovers

We all know and love Decks on the Beach, our Friday ritual destination to dance the night away at Sporting Club Beach. This Friday Septmeber 9 you've got The Juan Maclean hitting the decks, see full event details right here.

If you follow the Decks parties as much as we do, then you might already know that every Friday someone is taking over their Snapchat straight from the party.

We don't want you to miss out on anyone coming up next, so we've collaborated with Decks to cover everyone doing a Snapchat takeover from now until the end of the season. We'll be featuring each person before the party with a fun 10-question interview so you can get to know them better, and of course they'll be all dressed in a local fashion designer outfit.

If you see them roaming around the party with their phone, get in their snap and have fun!

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This Week's Takeover: Bashar Assaf

This Friday September the 9th, our very own Beirut-based Lebanese fashion designer Bashar Assaf is taking over the Decks Snapchat. Bashar designs ready-to-wear collections for both women and men, check out the latest work.

Get to know him better below. He's clearly got a crazy funny sense of humour so give him a shout this Friday!

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// 10 Questions with Bashar Assaf //

1. You and Snapchat are like:

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

2. Favorite filter on Snapchat?

Filter? That face doesn’t need a filter

3. Favorite local fashion designer?

Krikor Jabotian.

4. Favorite city in the world to shop local designers?


5. A fashion item in your closet you’d never give away, not even for a million dollars:

For a million dollars? I’d give my closet away.

6. Worst fashion trend of 2016?

Statement furs, stop fucking wearing fur.

7. That Bashar Assaf Fall'16/17 hoodie made you feel like:

The million dollars in question 5.

8. Raghunter is my:

My IMDb for local fashion.

9. Partying at Decks is:

Like going through my friend list on Facebook.

10. After leaving the party at Decks: hotdog or burger?

A burger at Decks.

Bashar Is Wearing

Bashar is wearing Bashar!

Check his full Fall/Winter 2016-2017 collection right here.

bashar assaf raghunter decks2

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All Photography by Tony Elieh.

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A team of writers constantly on the hunt for everything and anything there is to know about local fashion.

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