Content Creation Expertise

Serene is Co-Founder and Head of the Editorial Department at Raghunter. She comes from a staunch marketing and advertising background, having a BA in International Business and Marketing and 3 years of work experience at J. Walter Thompson, where she developed brand and communication strategies for global and new companies alike. In her 4th year building Raghunter, Serene has concentrated on a specific skill set in developing, producing, and strategizing online editorial content. Her marketing background, advertising experience, and editorial focus have well-established Serene as an expert in content creation.



Brand Strategy Expertise

Narina is Co-Founder and Head of the Sales Department at Raghunter. Finishing a BA in Marketing and then having worked at both the Planning & Account Departments at J. Walter Thompson for 5 years, Narina gained strong experience in Brand Building and Online Brand Strategy. In spearheading sales at Raghunter, Narina applies her expertise by working closely with clients to understand their brand strategy, define their marketing objectives, and set in place an online communication strategy for their custom content created on Raghunter.




Keeward is an innovative digital agency working across continents, cultures and languages. They work with established brands, startups and creatives through teams in Beirut, Brussels, Paris, New York, Montreal and London. Keeward’s expertise covers strategic analysis, branding, UX design, development, content creation, online marketing, training and education, technical infrastructure, website administration and monitoring & analytics. Raghunter is part of the agency’s incubator companies.


Bookwitty is a joint-venture between Keeward and Levant Distributors. It is a knowledge-sharing and social e-commerce platform, centered around books, ideas and people. It relies on highly optimized supply chain processes as well as smart algorithms and services for online sales. Empowering bookstores and publishers to be competitive on local markets, it gives them access to a global catalogue with more than 20 million references. The company has launched, an online platform for book enthusiasts. Bookwitty is a fast growing company and sold 2.5 million products worldwide last year.




Co-founder, Telr

Elias is a FINTECH professional. He worked for VISA for 12 years in Miami and Singapore followed by 4 years at PayPal in Singapore (as GM for South East Asia and India) and then MENA GM. In Nov 2013 he left PayPal to become an entrepreneur (at age 43) and launched TELR, an online payment gateway based in Singapore and Dubai. He ran Telr for all 2014 and became the chairman of Telr in January'15. Since then, he chairs and sits on boards of several FINTECH startups.