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Lumi are a two-piece alternative electronic rock band from Beirut composed of Marc Codsi on synth, bass and drum machines and Mayaline Hage on vocals and guitar. The duo goes way back, having met more than ten years ago and having produced music starting in 2008. They took a little break and are now back on Beirut's local music scene about to hit us with their fresh new tunes.

You can read more about what they're up to and get a listen on their music right here, but we've got that fashion scoop that you won't read anywhere else.

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11 Questions with Mayaline from Lumi

We sat down with Mayaline at Paul in Gemmayzeh and asked her these fashion related questions. It was the first time we meet her and to be honest, it was such a pleasure to be in her presence. She's so sweet, natural and approachable. Unfortunately, we missed Marc this time as he was back at the studio preparing for their upcoming Beirut Jam Sessions gig this Thursday. We will get you next time Marc!



Photo from Mayaline's Facebook Page

1. On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you care about fashion?

"I don't care about fashion, but I care about dress. I have a personal style, definitely not brands, I don't really care about brands. I would say I have my own kind of aesthetics. When I was very young, when I started really getting into a certain type of music, there was a type of dress that would go with it. I'm talking very early adolescence (11-12 years old), you know it was like a sign that you belong to a certain category like grunge, wearing Dr. Martins. The fact that today I see this coming back of the punk/rock dresses and people wear them, and maybe they don't even listen to that type of music, so that doesn't interest me. What interests me is something that would make me click, like a vintage dress from my grandma with boots."

2. How long does it take you to get dressed in the morning?

"Depends where I'm going. Look, I kind of have a double life. I also take care of a center for the disabled. So when I go there, I dress in a way that I like but it's kind of simple. And when I'm going out like today, or going to the studio, I really feel like wearing something that's really expressive of what I'm going to sing."

3. Do you guys coordinate what you wear before a performance?

"We used to more. We are very simple now though when we perform. My friend, Diane Ferjane, dresses me sometimes. We just did a video, and Nour Hage gave me a jacket for example. It's more or less not thought out too much. The old Lumi days, we were more compromising of our image so I did some photo shoots for example that I wouldn't do today. Both Marc and I (to a certain point), don't care about too much fashion and we definitely wouldn't want to dress in any way that makes us appear 'posey'."

4. If you had to pick an outfit to live in for the rest of your life, what would it be?

"Haha okay. I think I'd wear a skirt, a flowy one, with a nice big pair of boots that could take me anywhere!"

5. If you had to pick a color to wear every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

"Black. I used to wear it too much. Sometimes when I'm not in a good mood, I tend to obligate myself to put in some color though."

6. What’s something that you would never, ever wear?

"I dunno, something like a pair of glittery shorts. Glittery anything."

7. What are 3 things you would never leave the house without?

"Labello lip balm definitely (the Cherry one). And now because we're (almost) 2016, I'd say my phone. Third would be my perfume, I always have a little one in my bag."

8. What’s your biggest fashion regret?

"Maybe in the past, I wore things I wouldn't wear anymore. I regret one photo shoot that I did lately. I should have worn a skirt and instead I wore skinny jeans with Converse, I felt like a teenager."

9. Do you have a favorite local designer in Beirut?

"I'm gonna say Diane Ferjane. I also love what Krikor does. I DJed twice for Rabih Kayrouz in Paris when he opened his showroom. He dressed me twice and I really love what he does."

10. What’s your favorite city to shop outside of Beirut?

"I would say Paris. Rome is fun too because of the work they do with leather. Now that we're talking actually, when we recorded our album in Dusseldorf, we stayed at this amazing old factory. We rarely got out but I found a great local designer I bought a jacket from that I still wear today."

11. Do you have a style icon? Or who influences what you wear the most?

"I have actresses that I like. Like Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet. I like Gena Rowlands in the old Casavettes movies. I like Patricia Arqeutte, but just in Lost Highway."

Catch Lumi Perform

Lumi will be performing this Thursday December 17 at Concrete 1994, presented by Beirut Jam Sessions. Check out the event page for full info.

Here's a little idea about what you'll hear.

Follow Lumi

Don't miss out on Lumi anywhere: SoundCloud - Facebook

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