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BIG NEWS ALERT -- It's just been officially announced that Poly will be opening for Jessie J at the Jounieh Festival on July 15.

In light of that, we decided we had to do our second edition of 'Local Talent, Local Fashion' with none other than Poly herself (here's the first edition).

Okay, truth be told, we kind of found out from Snapchat* (add her: @imsocrowncrown) a few days ago, so we called Poly that very minute to verify it and ask if she'd like to do this interview with us.

Lucky for us she agreed and here we are.


The first time we ever saw Poly was when she performed live at the Social Media Awards back in 2013. We honestly didn't know what to expect but the second she began singing, I think our jaws dropped open, wide. Her voice seriously blew us away.

It wasn't just her voice though, there was something about her vibe that was so different, and new, and unique to what we were used to seeing in Beirut.

She's super avant-garde in the way she approaches both her music and her style.

Poly's Style

In terms of her style, this girl is able to totally transform her look all together from one day to the next. She morphs into a blond overnight, goes out wearing crystal studs all over her face, next we see her wearing a baseball cap and over-sized jersey, then she goes and dies her hair green. Here are a few of our favorite snaps from her Instagram.


Photos taken from Poly's Instagram: @polyofficial

Some of things we ask Poly are who her style icon is, three things she can't leave the house without, and something she would never, ever, wear.

10 Questions with Poly

1. You change your hair color, personal style, and makeup all the time. But what’s one thing you’d never ever change about how you look?

There’s nothing, I would say. The visual and fashion concept always serves the music so it’s ever changing.

2. In your opinion, what’s the most interesting fashion trend out there right now?

I think right now I’m really drawn to the mixture between high fashion and sportswear, like a Mugler dress with an Adidas cap.

3. Do you have a style icon?

My Mexican Godmother, Veronica Nikoto. A painter that's been an inspiration since I was 5 years old.

4. Name 3 things you can’t leave the house without.

1. A banana for breakfast. 2. Margiela Mask to hide the shame. 3. My Prince Noir MAC lipstick to leave kiss marks all over you.

5. When you have a performance, do you coordinate your outfit with anyone? In other words, is it pre-planned or is it spontaneous?

It’s never spontaneous at shows. It’s weeks of planing and creating, feeding off of mood boards. Creating a story.

6. What's your favorite local store in Beirut? How about a local designer?

V’s Closet. Regarding a local designer. I’m still searching for someone I can really identify with. (UHM, HELLO LEBANESE DESIGNERS!)

7. What city, other than Beirut do you enjoy shopping/discovering local fashion in the most?

That would be London, and recently I discovered Berlin’s vintage store scene, insane 80’s fashion.

8. If you had to pick one outfit to live in for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

A fake fur coat.

9. What is something that you would never, ever wear?

Anything Orange.

10. What’s your biggest fashion regret?

2009, Wearing my ex-boyfriends Radiohead t-shirt on stage.

Follow Poly

Website Facebook Page Instagram: @polyofficial Snapchat: @imsocrowncrown *(FYI, Poly always drops exclusives there and may also be giving away tickets there too - in other words, follow her now.)

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