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Raghunter was launched a year and nine months ago. Throughout that time, we started using Raghunter as an inspiration to write about local fashion. We focused on writing articles that were as relevant as possible to you being fashion readers based in Lebanon. You may remember some of them: '7 Questions with Nour Hage', 'Recycling Dresses', '5 Up & Coming Designers in Lebanon', '8 Ways to Get a Fabulous Dress for Less'.

The more we wrote, the more local we got, and the more you guys started paying attention.

Today marks the culmination of everything we've built so far with our fashion content, and more excitingly, it marks the day that everything will come together under one roof. From now on we will be able to give you a daily feed of everything and anything there is to know about local fashion. With that, we proudly introduce, The Kill.

The Kill Launch Photo Series

In celebration of the launch we worked with our wonderful network of stores and designers in Lebanon to show off the newest Fall/Winter 2015 items. We will be showcasing a total of ten looks that were styled by the amazing Wael Boutros and photographed by the very talented Andre Wolff.

_MG_6681 (1)

Serene Outfit: Dress by Bird on a Wire, Leather Jacket from Santiago, Bag from Sarah's Bag Narina Outfit: Short Overall by Bird on a Wire, Bag from Sarah's Bag, Earrings from Vengeance of Eve

We hope you enjoy reading The Kill, and we will end it with a Q&A that highlights some more info. Please feel free to always send us feedback and any questions to

Some Q&A

Why 'The Kill'? When looking for a name, it was very important for it to be linked to Raghunter. The reason why we choose The Kill is more or less straightforward: if Raghunter is the place to hunt for items, The Kill is where everything that's already been hunted is available for you to see.

Who is The Kill for? The Kill is for anyone looking to discover local fashion: women and men living in Lebanon, anyone planning to visit and shop in Lebanon, and even anyone in the region who is interested in discovering more about fashion in Lebanon.

What's different about The Kill? The Kill revolves around fashion - but we stick to everything and anything there is to know about local fashion. Unlike most fashion magazines and blogs here, our sole focus is to help you locate, discover, and get inspired from stores and designers based in Lebanon.

Will the content be available in other languages? We are currently working on having some articles be published in Arabic for readers from across the region that enjoy reading in their native language.

Can I subscribe to newsletters? You can subscribe to The Kill simply by registering right here. We really hope you subscribe so you can stay tuned to the latest local fashion news and discoveries!


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A team of writers constantly on the hunt for everything and anything there is to know about local fashion.

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