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Insanely Scary Halloween Make-Up Ideas

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Are you out to spook this Halloween?

Like REALLY spook?

As in you want terrifying screams to echo as you walk around town on Halloween night?

Well, the most important thing you need to know is how to get your face to look scary, but very real. That, our dear spooker all comes down to the mastery of make-up application.

In collaboration with Make-Up Studio, we brought in four poor souls and completely transformed them into scary Halloween-inspired characters. Below you will find the details of how it was done including a before and after shot, a video of the actual make-up application process, along with the products used and a 5-Step instruction guide.

...Oh, and when you watch the videos, keep in mind the best detail of this whole thing. We instructed three of these lovely people to have their eyes closed during the whole make-up process. They had no idea what they were going to be until the end. It was absolutely amazing to see their reaction at the end (we should have caught it on tape).

4 Insanely Scary Halloween Make-Up Ideas

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A Message from Make-Up Studio Artists

It's finally Halloween. The season of fun, spookiness and artistry at its best. It’s the season of make-up artists who like to express themselves & show their talents, artistic visions & wild imaginations with a tiny pinch of extreme insanity. People might think it’s a hard to get, expensive mission to transform their imaginative scary characters into reality, but in this article, we will give you some tips & tricks from Make-up Studio artists who are kind enough to expose some of their artistic secrets to you as a treat for the season.

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A Breakdown of Each Make-Up Look


Before and After

karim before after

Watch How It Was Done

Some Make-Up Studio Products Used

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How Make-Up Studio Does It In 5 Steps

1. Apply glue on the eyebrows and gently stick them with a small spoon on the skin. Second, create two small round balls with the wax and stick them on each side of the upper cheek bones.

2. Use the white Face It Face Foundation on the entire face with Foundation brush "S7".

3. Draw eyebrows with the Aquapaint black cream and create an arched evil look with Eyeshadow Brush Short"S19". Then with the same Aquapaint, draw strong shades on the cheeks bone, and with the black onyx eyeshadow, shade the inner corner of the eye. Colour the lips with the same aquapaint.

4. Last but not least, with the blue Eye Shadow, make a red line blended on the lower part of the eye with the Blend Brush"S11”.

5. Finally small drops of bloody liquid are applied on the side of the mouth to show a complete vampire look.


Before and After

raneem before after

Some Make-Up Studio Products Used

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Watch How It Was Done

How Make-Up Studio Does It In 5 Steps

1. Apply glue on the eyebrows and gently stick them with a small spoon on the skin.

2. Apply glue all over the face, then stick cotton disks everywhere except the mouth, which you'll cover with a paper tissue. Then use small scissors to cut the paper tissue to let in some breathing space between the lips (but you must keep the mouth covered). Finally, cover the face with the liquid latex.

3. On the lips, draw one black line and one white vertically with the Eyeliner brush "S27".

4. Cover the entire face with some spots using the Black, Purple, Blue, Red Eye Shadow with Powder Brush"S1".

5. For the final step, cover the face with our the red bloody liquid using the Foundation Polish Brush "S36".

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Before and After

daniela before after

Watch How It Was Done

Some Make-Up Studio Products Used

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How Make-Up Studio Does It In 5 Steps

1. Apply glue on the eyebrows and gently stick them with a small spoon to the skin, and after they dry apply wax on them.

2. With the Foundation Brush "S7", apply the White Face It Foundation on all over the face.

3. With the Black Cream Eyeliner, draw a circle that starts from the inner edge of the eyebrow beside the nose and continuously surround the eye itself.

4. After the whole circle is drawn, a semi-circle must be drawn on the top of the first circle. On the side of the first circle we draw a lash line and with the blue eyeshadow, using the Brush Blush Flat "S3" to give the face some shades.

5. Finally with the Synthetic Brush Flat "S28", draw the lips with the cherry lipstick giving the middle of the lips a shiny spot with our shiny pearly effect product.


The Look

paula article final

Some Make-Up Studio Products Used

paula makeup logo

How Make-Up Studio Does It In 5 Steps

1. Cover the face with the White Face It Foundation using the Foundation Brush "S7".

2. Then draw a circle around the eyes with the Black Creamy Eyeliner using the "S20" brush and fill it until it's completely dark black.

3. Draw a semi-circle beside the ear like an open mouth shape.

4. Draw from the right ear to the left ear vertical lines in order to give the shape of the teeth with the Eyeshadow Brush Angle Shaped"S20".

5. In our last step, we apply the Black Onyx Eye Shadow all over the face with the Blusher Blush Compact"S4" to give the look an extra shade.


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