How to Surprise Your Girlfriend with the Perfect Engagement Solitaire



Alright breathe in, breathe out: you're planning to propose soon.

Typically, most guys will propose to their girlfriend and then take her to the jeweler so she can pick out her favorite ring.

But you're not most guys. You want to surprise your girl with the damn near most perfect ring she's ever seen.

It's not an easy task. You're taking the road less traveled by. And we got your back.


We teamed up with two of the youngest, coolest and hippest jewelry designers in town, Maya & Rhona Zeidan (below left and right respectively), to help you figure all this out.

Their family has been in the jewelry business since 1940 (that's 75 years, in case you don't feel like doing the math).

They pretty much knew their 4Cs before their ABCs. Badum tishhh.

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Behind the scenes, Maya is the Designer at Zeidan Creations, while Rhona is the Operations and Manufacturing Manager.

Should you decide to do this, they will meet you, greet you, and sit with you throughout the whole creative process of making that solitaire.

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Let's get started.

The girls are going go through what's essentially a crash course in how to choose the right solitaire for your girl. Needless to say, there are more in-depth details they can teach you about diamonds, the various types of colored stones, and the design of the ring. You'll have to pop over to their atelier for a visit and have a proper sit-down for that (get their contact details now).

Step 1: Her Style & Your Budget

This video covers the two most important factors you need to consider first. Knowing her style well is the foundation for what the ring is going to look like. Your budget will set the bar for what kind of stone you can pick in terms of size and quality.

Step 2: Picking the Stone | Diamonds Vs. Colored Stones

This video touches upon the next step, which is deciding whether you want to go for a diamond or you'd rather venture into colored stones. Going for a diamond can never go out of style: it's classic, it's beautiful, and it's timeless. Choosing a colored stone is more rare in our part of the world, but hands down it makes a very bold and unique statement.

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Step 3: Crosschecking the 4Cs

If you do choose to go for a diamond (this video does not apply for colored stones), then you'll have to be aware of the 4Cs. Carat, color, clarity, and the cut of the diamond are usually determined by your budget. However, keep an open mind. Even if a diamond is a tad outside your budget, you may go for it anyways because it's a better investment.

Step 4: Ways to Get Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

Last but not least, this is the fun part! Maya and Rhona suggest four ways you can get her ring size without her having any idea.


Take a look through this gallery to get inspired about what kind of solitaire ring designs the Zeidans can do for you. These are all rings they've done and they range from very classic designs to more daring ones.

At the end of the day, if you go about the four steps above and you meet with the girls, you guys can create any ring design you have in mind.

We say go crazy! Good luck!



Address: Municipality Street, Centre Arin, 6th floor, Bourj Hammoud

Telephone: +961 (1) 246819, Mobile: +961 (3) 240017

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