How to Rejuvenate Your Sun Damaged Skin, Hair, & Nails - These 10 Ways


Our skin, hair, and nails are parts of us we can't afford to ignore. If we don't take care of them regularly and appropriately, we could appear to be aging much faster than we'd like. We decided to ask our friend and amazing dermatologist, Dr. George Fidawi, to give us his recommendations on how we should rejuvenate everything now that those long summer days are behind us (see Dr. Fidawi's full bio below).

Here's what he has to say.

Well, it’s over!

Whether you spent it tanning lazily on the Lebanese sandy beaches, or partying frantically on a boat; summer is now gone. Starting today, restoring the beauty of your neglected skin sounds like a great idea.

1 // Continue using a sunscreen. Or start using one!


Sunscreens should be used all year long, and should be applied to all exposed areas (NOT only the face). As many sunscreens are available in the market, it’s very important to choose the one that suits you best. Get a fluid-based sunscreen if you have oily skin, or a cream-based sunscreen if your skin is dry. Make sure that your sunblock has broad coverage, thus protecting you against both UVA and UVB.

2 // Repair Your Sun-Damaged Skin


Spending hours in the sun - commonly without sunscreen - leaves you with more freckles, darker age spots and uneven complexion. Those are treated with a variety of bleaching agents depending on the type of skin and the extent of damage.

3 // Exfoliate


All those extra sun rays leave your skin dry, dull and rough. Exfoliation, whether in the clinic or in your place, will help reducing the dullness and roughness of your skin. It will also improve the penetration of moisturizers.

4 // Moisturize


This is a major step in skin recovery as it is very important for your skin rehydration. A different moisturizer should be applied to the body than that of the face. Be careful as too much moisturizing can cause irritation or even acne.

5 // Avoid Tanning Beds


The temptation to get that attractive tan comes at a price: early aging & skin cancer. As many people won’t refrain from tanning during summer, they should at least abstain from using tanning beds. Allow your skin to rest from the damaging UV light.

6 // Anti-Age Regimens


As mentioned previously, sun causes early aging, which is a major concern for both men and women. Even though you can’t undo the damage caused by sunlight; you can still protect your skin from further damage. Not only is a sunscreen essential to be worn all year long, but anti-aging creams should also be applied, preferably with an antioxidant (such as vitamin C). These will allow skin recovery and help it fight sun damage. Anti-aging tablets may play an additive role, but are not enough on their own.

7 // Repair Your Damaged Hair


Sunlight and pool chemicals can injure your hair, just like they do with your skin. Thus repairing your hair is part of your post summer skin restoration. Shampoos, conditioners and hair masks should be used. But make sure to check the ingredients, as harsh chemicals can worsen an already damaged hair. Sulfates, parabens, dyes, and formaldehyde free products are preferred.

8 // Don’t Forget Your Nails!


With excessive water, nail polish and acetone your nails get dry, brittle and cracked, with possible inflammation in the surrounding skin. To prevent that, always make sure to use a moisturizer over your nails and surrounding skin (a simple petrolatum jelly can do the work). On the other hand, decreasing the frequency of nail polish change and using acetone-free nail polish removers will solve the nails issues.

9 // Maintain Your Results

healthy skin

Skin care is not a one-time treatment. Your skin is the largest organ in your body as well as your armor against all the pollutants around you, thus include taking care of it in your daily routine, to ensure healthy skin.

10 // Consult Your Dermatologist

Consult the dermatologistHaving healthy, young and beautiful skin reflects positively on your image and mood, thus it is always important to seek the opinion of a professional when it comes to your well-being.


Dr. Georges Fidawi Bio

General & Cosmetic Dermatology


Dr Fidawi earned his Medical degree from the American University of Beirut (AUB). He received a training in Dermatology at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUB-MC), and has a masters in BOTOX & Fillers from the American Academy of Aesthetic medicine. He provides care in General Dermatology, Cosmetics, Lasers & Scleroterapy.

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