Hatab Lingerie by Raghunter: A Photoseries


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So, Valentine's Day is coming up.

​ Most of you must know Hatab Lingerie. And if you don't, then your parents probably do. That's because Hatab has been in business since 1920.

It's known to be the go-to destination to buy mid to high-end luxury lingerie brands. The store sells a ton of brands (over 100 to be exact), including La Perla, Calvin Klein, Wolford, Oscar De La Renta, Natori, Chantelle, Jean Paul Gaultier and many more. What's great about Hatab is that you can go there for every-day quality pieces, as well as those sexy (and kinky) lingerie ones.

Having said that, and given that quite a few of you are currently on the lookout for some steaming hot lingerie for Valentine's Day, we decided to show you just what you'll find when you visit the store.

And of course, we did it the Raghunter way. So if you like provocative but subtle, sensual but not cheesy, and make-someone-go-absolutely-out-of-their-mind-crazy kinda stuff, then this article is for you.

Start out by watching this short little vid, you know, just to get you ready and in the mood to go shopping, and stuff :)

Produced by Raghunter X Iron Heyoka | Director: Daniel Habib | Director of photography: Rachid Asmar | Editor: Mark Eid | Styled by: Serene Abbas | Gaffers: Anthony Sargon & Nabil Al-Khoury

Hatab by Raghunter: A Photoseries

How's that excitement level?

Right, so we do recommend you go down and visit the store. They have quite a variety so it really depends on what you like and the budget you've set aside for the most loved-up day of the year.

VISIT HATAB: Verdun - Rachid Karameh St - Tel: +961-1-754249













Photography by: Rami Hajj


Verdun - Rachid Karameh St - Tel: +961-1-754249 | La Perla Flagship Store: Downtown - Mina El-Hosn - Tel: +961-1-988885


Instagram: @hatablingerie

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  • Sarah Long

    can you tell me the brand of the button up knickers?

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