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Get to Know Starch 2014 Designers

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Every year, there are only a few fashion designers lucky enough to be selected by Starch Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps launch Lebanese emerging designers, founded by Rabih Kayrouz and Tala Hajjar, in collaboration with Solidere.

When a designer becomes part of the Starch family, they are immediately cast into the spotlight as a new and talented emerging designer to look out for. Some of the hottest names in local fashion today are in fact Starch designers from previous years including Krikor Jabotian, Rami Kadi, Lara Khoury and Hussein Bazaza.

When we saw the invite to the Starch Fall/Winter 14'15 Designer Collection launch, we thought it would be cool to head down there before the event for a chance to get to know this year's fashion designers.

Meet fashion designers Jo Baaklini and Timi Hayek, as well as the architects who designed the interior of Starch boutique this year, Gaith Abi-Ghanem and Jad Melki.

Jo Baaklini

Here are a few snaps of Jo Baaklini's collection that you can see and buy at Starch boutique in Saifi Village.


These are unisex shirts that can be worn by both men and women. IMG_3849

And, that's how it would look on both :) jo2

We absolutely loved this little detail on Jo's clothes, a very proud lebanese flag to signify that they were made in Lebanon. IMG_3847

Get to know more about Jo Baaklini Bio and Full Collection Photos | Website | Instagram


Timi Hayek

Here are a few snaps of Timi Hayek's collections that you can see and buy at Starch boutique in Saifi Village.



Her clothes are so light and comfortable to wear. s

Get to know more about Timi Hayek Bio and Full Collection Photos | Website | Instagram

Starch Boutique Interior Design

Every year, the Starch boutique is designed by an interior designer or architect. This year, the architect duo, Gaith Abi-Ghanem and Jad Melki, took over the space together. See this video they made about the space.

Starch F/W 14'15 Designer Collections Launch Event

We went to the launch event that was buzzing with fashion aficionados there to discover the newest Starch designer collections. Here are a few snaps of our time there.


new jo








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