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Men of Lebanon, Meet ForeandAft

Nestled comfortably on Pharaoun Street in Mar Mikael right opposite Frosty Palace, is the new Italian multi-brand boutique for menswear that is an absolute must-see. ForeandAft opened its doors early this year and is quickly settling in to be a favourite shopping destination for men around town. And that's not just a selling line, we personally know at least 8 men who bought from ForeandAft in the last month, and they plan to go back.

We've been following ForeandAft's Facebook Page and Instagram mainly because it's our job to know the newest and juiciest fashion news around town, but even more so, because they are actually one of the best and most interesting feeds to follow for men's fashion in Lebanon. They don't only update you on their newest arrivals, they also create outfits that are styled in the store so you can drop by and purchase the whole outfit as suggested, and they give you styling tips. Here's a little sample: awesome, just awesome. face

Visiting ForeandAft

At some point, we decided it was time to get over there and see what the store experience was like first-hand. What better way to do it than be in the company of a male who's actually planning to shop there? Nothing really, so that's exactly what we did.

The store itself is quite spacious and welcoming, shoppers feel at ease to take their time and explore. The space is divided into two main sections: casual wear on one side and formal wear on the other side, with various fashion accessories such as belts, ties, and scarves scattered between both.

Giuliano Sparacino, one of the owners of ForeandAft, points out that some men who come to the store get so caught up with one section because of something that immediately catches their eye - like the Diadora Heritage sneakers for instance - that when they come back, they are surprised to notice that the store also sells suits.

What You Can Find at ForeandAft

Casual Wear

If you're the type of guy who likes to throw on a pair of comfy yet stylish jeans or cargo pants with a cool print tee and sneakers on your day off, this is the section for you. We hear both types of pants fit really well and fall nicely over different types of shoes (i.e. sneakers vs loafers). a


Formal Wear

We hear that the guys who try these blazers on find it so hard to take them off because they are so well fitted. Go down to the store and try one on for yourself. Untitled-2


Sneakers "Eighties excess meets Nineties minimalism, in a constant juxtaposition of pure geometric shapes lit by bright colours, strong patterns softened by suede or perforated nylon, woven leather on a typically 'running' shape."

We hope you're ready to get hooked because apparently once you buy one of the Diadora Heritage sneakers, you'll always be on the look-out to get another color. The newest arrival is the aqua blue, red, and white pair you see below on the top right corner. They go for $250 a pair, but worth it, oh so worth it when you pay for something that's both good quality and pretty cool. dia

Loafers The best thing about these Velasca Milano loafers is that they come in all the basic colors in mixed in both the leather and suede versions: brown, olive green, gray, navy blue, and cream. These don't go for just anybody; if you already have this type of shoe you know who you are, and more importantly, how to wear it right. velasco

Exclusive ForeandAft Polos

ForeandAft knows how much you guys like those multicolored classic polos, so they started producing an exclusive line made in Italy and sold in the store. There are some funky colors for summer; we are liking the yellow one tanto! polos23_copy


Accessories can change the style of what you're wearing with one little add-on. ForeandAft has a cool selection of different ties, scarves, handkerchiefs, and belts that you can mix and match on both casual wear and formal wear. acc_copy_2


If you're on the look out for new styles and prints for swimwear, we suggest you head on down to ForeandAft before someone else gets their hands on them first. trunks_copy

5 reasons why ForeandAft is the Ultimate Menswear Haven:


1/ It's a Breath of Fresh Air Housing over 15 niche Italian brands that include a mixture of casual wear, formal wear, as well as swimwear; ForeandAft adds a totally new style to Lebanese menswear market. 1/ It's a Breath of Fresh Air Housing over 15 niche Italian brands that include a mixture of casual wear, formal wear, as well as swimwear; ForeandAft adds a totally new style to Lebanese menswear market.

2/ It's Trendy Not only does ForeandAft bring new brands, but they are pretty trendy too. If you know anything about fashion, you'll know that those Italian men can dress. Think of how they'd put a casual outfit together. Now think that you have direct access to that right here in Beirut.

3/ It's Affordable We know how much men suffer while shopping in Lebanon, well most of them anyway. That's because their choice spectrum is extreme: it's either Zara or Aishti for a good suit. There are very little choices for the middle ground between good quality and a reasonable price. Well boys, we guarantee that you'll find the prices reasonable for a good quality Italian-made suit at ForeandAft.

4/ It's Got the Right Mix When you boys shop, you don't particularly like to move around a lot. At ForeandAft you're basically set at one store: jeans and tees, cool sneakers, a great suit, formal shoes, swimming trunks, belts, handkerchiefs...you've got to go somewhere else to buy your boxers though.

5/ The Sales Staff are Knowledgeable Now this is one thing that really stood out: sales staff that know about their brands, and even more so, that know how and what to style together. Rarely in Lebanon do we get inspired from the sales staff themselves. If you're really lucky, you'll meet Giuliano himself, then you're in for a real treat to get to know more about the items you're thinking about buying.

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