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Dear Raghunter,

The summer wedding season has just started, but after back-to-back events my feet are blistered and my calves are aching – the thought of wearing heels for the next four months has my toes cramping in fear. Are flat shoes ever an option when it comes to formal events?

Sincerely, Helplessly devoted to heels

Dear reader,

You know the expression “no pain, no gain”? We’re not buying it. There are far too many options out there to force unnecessary suffering on your feet, especially when you’re relying on them to carry you across the dance floor and into the morning.

While heels may be the most obvious formal footwear choice, designers are catching on to the fact that women hate torturing their toes. This spring Ferragamo’s beaded mini-dresses appeared on the catwalk with embellished gladiator sandals, and Alber Elbaz used strappy sandals to accessorize an army of little black dresses at Lanvin. Off the runway and on the red carpet, Charlize Theron has been known to pair flashy flats with Dior.

Ferragamo, Alber and Charlize know what many of us refuse to accept: style doesn’t depend to the height of your heel. If you have a bejeweled flat peeking out from the hem of a gown or a statement sandal underscoring a knee-length dress, no one will think twice about how high off the ground you are. All it takes to own the look is confidence. Coincidentally, nothing screams self-assured like a woman gliding along with her head held high – and without fear of getting her heel stuck in the grass.

It's not always easy to find the right pair of flat shoes. We recommend to get a pair of flats that can go with different dress options including both longer and shorter dresses. Go for silver or gold flats and you are guaranteed they will match whatever you are wearing.

Also, make sure the straps are thin. They will make your feet look elegant. These blue gladiator sandals are a great purchase because they can be worn with both formal wear as well as your casual daily outfits.

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