Saifi Village

Saifi Village went from an area completely destroyed during the Lebanese war to what is known today as Le Quartier des Arts, or The Arts Quarter. It's a small but very special little neighborhood in the heart of Beirut. Its architecture is French-colonial-reminiscent, boasting beautiful town houses, cobblestone streets, and the hippest array of local fashion stores and designers, furniture designers, restaurants, and coffee shops. Oh, and its mainly a pedestrian area so you'll be able to enjoy walking around without having to worry about cars creeping up on you. Saifi Village is one of Beirut's shopping districts that hosts a whole range of homegrown fashion designers and local fashion stores - which are most typically multibrand boutiques stocking up unique designs from cities like Paris and Australia. The neighborhood is fairly easy to navigate but some stores are situated on the outer streets of the village (i.e. Dina Jsr), so make sure to walk around the whole area.

Popular fashion stores in Saifi Village: