Hamra is one of Beirut's oldest and most iconic areas. Before the war it used to be the trendiest neighborhood around town and even though It's not what it used to be, it definitely has some sort of charm. The Hamra area is all walkable as it's not very big and the main street you'll find most stores, restaurants and cafes on is Hamra Main Street. You will find small shops in the tiny streets on your left and right as well and if you walk further down you'll hit Bliss Street - Beirut's busiest quick-stop food street. You'll probably end up on Bliss Street at 3am eating a manoushe. Clemenceau is another area that is technically part of Hamra but has a more reserved and upscale feel, hosting a few high end multi-brand boutiques. You should also make your way there for sure.

Popular fashion stores in Hamra: