Are You a Fashionista's Secret Santa? Here Are 33 Gift Ideas Under $20 She Will Love


Secret Santa time is approaching and given the low budget restrictions usually set, it may be tough to find a suitable gift for your recipient - especially if she's somewhat of a fashionista (girls are pretty much all fashionistas at heart in one way or the other).


Here's how we thought we could help you out. One of the easiest ways is to see these gift ideas online from popular stores around Beirut (we looked at Zara, H&M and Mango because they have online Beirut Stores).

The stock that is displayed on the websites should mirror what's actually available in stores, so if you find something you like, be sure to get a screen shot or print-out and take it to the store. However, the stock tends to have a high turnover so don't be surprised if you wait too long and the item is no longer available.

Here are all the Secret Santa gift ideas we hunted down online just for you: jewelry, accessories, bags, hats, and tops. You'll find them ordered in price from lowest to highest at $20.

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Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $20 for a Fashionista

Statement Jewelry Ideas

1. 3-Pack Rings from H&M: $5 (7,500LL)


2. 8-Pack Earrings from H&M: $6 (8,500LL)

hmprod (6)

3. Metal Wide Ring from Mango: $7 (11,000LL)


4. 7-Pack Rings from H&M: $8 (12,000LL)

hmprod (8)

5. Pendant Waterfall Necklace from Mango: $15 (22,000LL)


6. Long Sparkly Stone Earrings from H&M: $16 (24,000LL)

hmprod (5)

7. Earrings and Ear Cuff Set from Mango: $18 (27,000LL)


8. Rhinestone Earrings from Mango: $18 (27,000LL)


9. Metal Choker from Mango: $18 (27,000LL)


10. Crystal and Chain Long Earrings from Zara: $19 (29,000LL)

5307204800_1_1_1 (1)

11. Shiny Pearls Earcuff from Zara: $19 (29,000LL)

6869206050_1_1_1 (1)

12. Chain Dangling Earrings from Zara: $19 (29,000LL)


Bag & Accessory Ideas

13. Cupcake Purse from H&M: $11 (17,000LL)

hmprod (1)

14. Small Clutch Bag from H&M: $13 (19,000LL)


15. Small Shoulder Bag from H&M: $16 (24,000LL)

small shoulder bag

16. Hat with Ear Flaps from Zara: $17 (25,000LL)


17. Cellphone Cover from Zara: $17 (25,000LL)


18. Knit Beanie from Mango: $15 (27,000LL)


19. Heart-Pattern Cotton Scarf from Mango: $15 (27,000LL)

33095701_01 (1)

20. Slogan Hat from Zara: $19 (29,000LL)


21. Cellphone Cover from Zara: $19 (29,000LL)


22. Knitted Hat from Zara: $19 (29,000LL)


23. Sequined Purse from H&M: $19 (29,000LL)

hmprod (2)


Top & T-Shirt Ideas

24. Jersey Top with a Print from H&M: $11 (17,000LL)

hmprod (2)

25. Oversized Navy V-Neck Sweater from Zara: $13 (19,000LL)


26. Short Jersey Top from H&M: $13 (19,000LL)

hmprod (3)

27. Glittery Tube Top from H&M: $13 (19,000LL)

hmprod (1)

28. Singlet Dress from H&M: $16 (24,000LL)

hmprod (4)

29. Navy T-Shirt with Lace Detail from Zara: $17 (25,000LL)


30. Printed T-Shirt from Mango: $18 (27,000LL)


31. City Print T-Shirt from Mango: $18 (27,000LL)


32. Black Oversized Sweater from Zara: $19 (29,000LL)

black sweater

33.Top With a Burnout Pattern from H&M: $19 (29,000LL)




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