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Are Leg Garters The Next Big Thing?

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We love coming across new trends right as they burst onto the scene. We started noticing some thigh action going on recently in street style photos so we decided to search a bit more about it.

Leg garters seem to be hitting big. You may like it or you may not, but we guarantee you're going to be seeing some more of it.

leg garter


We think they are SUPER cool, only if worn the right way. It could easily come off as vulgar, but if you wear something super casual with it, it could look pretty sick. We like the way this girl does it, we found her wearing it with two different outfits.


girl 2

Similarly we saw a few photos of thigh accessories, almost like a necklace adorning your thigh. We also love those. Hint hint Lebanese accessory and jewelry designers!

4-11-2012 - Kate of This Is What I Do - Thigh chain written tutorial

We also found tights with a design around the thigh area, giving the illusion that the girl is wearing a garter around her thigh.


Do you think this trend will hit Lebanon anytime soon?

Do you know of any fashion stores selling something like this here? Or fashion designers making them? If you do, please leave us a comment so we can feature them!


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