All Hail Amal Alamuddin: The New Lebanese Style Queen We Can't Wait to Follow

Fashion scene

In case you've been living under a rock lately, Amal Alamuddine officially became Mrs. George Clooney on Saturday September 27, 2014 after they tied the knot in a sunset ceremony in Venice, Italy (we need to see those wedding photos already!).

Since news of their engagement broke out back in April, we've kept a close eye on the brilliantly accomplished Lebanese stunner's personal style.

To be honest, we weren't TOO excited about her style when initial photos surfaced. Remember these?



George Clooney's rumored lawyer girlfriend Amal Alamuddin checks out of there hotel leaves separately in New York City


We don't mean to say she has no style, or that it's horrible - on the contrary, she's really cute and natural.

But did she portray a wow factor? Not so much.

Then, this happened.





Hello new fashion idol we can't wait to follow.

Amal really put herself on the style map this weekend (not to mention those insanely beautiful long legs). Whether it was stylists who helped her or not, she made the final choices and that's what counts.

Well Amal, looks like George isn't the only one who you hooked.