9 Stores in Lebanon That Sell Halloween Costumes


Updated version from 2014.

When witches are riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, 'tis near Halloween. Halloween is just around the corner and if you landed on this page, the odds are you and your kids/younger siblings are still costume-less.

Panic do not, dress up you will - we're here to help you out. We've compiled a list of stores and e-commerce websites in Lebanon where you can buy scary (or non-scary) Halloween costumes.

Whether you want to channel your inner evil, superhero, or anything in between, we are pretty sure you'll find what you are looking for in these stores (and e-commerce websites).

Happy hunting!

Costumes for Babies & Kids

1 // Glowbal Outlets


Address 1: Raouche, Australia Street, Zehar Bulding | Tel: 01-792709, 01-806792 Address 2: Tayouneh, Chiyah, Old Siada Road, Rida Centre | Tel: 01-391660, 01-392660 Address 3: Jdeideh, Australian Centre, Opposite City Mall, Facing OPEL | Tel: 01-873077, 01-873076 Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10AM - 8PM Facebook

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2 // JouéClub Liban

Joue Club

Address 1: Ain El Tineh, Verdun | Tel: 01-800897/8, 71-297776 Address 2: Rue Alfred Naccash, Achrafieh | Tel: 01-320339, 71-899913 Address 3: Souk Ayas, Beirut Souks | Tel: 01-972908 Address 4: Level -1, Le Mall Dbayeh | Tel: 04-444701 Address 5: Level 2, Beirut City Centre | Tel: 01-283750/1 Facebook

3 // Vengeance of Eve

Address: Beirut | Tel: 03-691999

Costumes for Adults

4 // Chouchic.com

*Only for Women*


E-Commerce Website Tel: 01-749311 Facebook Instagram: @chouchic

5 // Gergès Naoum Aboujaoudé & Sons

Address: Jal el Dib | Tel: 04-717035, 04-416366, 03-810591

6 // Mon Ami Pierrot Fiesta

Address: Hazmieh, Damascus Road | Tel: 05-957766, 05-957766, 03-777750

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7 // Virgin Megastore


Address 1: ABC Achrafieh | Tel: 01-217810 Address 2: ABC Dbayeh | Tel: 04-524358/9 Address 3: Beirut Central District | Tel: 01-999666 Address 4: Beirut Souks | Tel: 01-991565 Address 5: City Mall, Dora | Tel: 01-887190 Address 6: Crown Plaza, Hamra | Tel: 01-347373 Facebook

8 // Yammine Store


Address 1: Hazmiey Highway | Tel: 05-955267, 03-271267 Address 2: Zouk Highway | Tel: 01-226730 Website

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Costumes for Naughty Adults


Kinky content ahead.

Scroll down only if you are above 18 and only if you decided to be kinda naughty this Halloween. - -- --- ---- -----

Well why go out this Halloween when you can have fun with your partner at home. Here's where you can buy some kinky lingerie costumes for your bedroom dress up party.

9 // K-Lynn Lingerie


Address 1: L2, ABC Mall, Achrafieh | Tel: 01-330800 Address 2: L2, ABC Mall, Dbayeh | Te: 04-416987 Address 3: Ground Floor, Souk El Tawileh Street, Beirut Souks | Tel: 01-980905 Address 4: Main Road, Beit Merry, Mansourieh | Tel: 01-876029 Address 5: Main Road, Kaslik | Tel: 09-640181 Address 6: L2, Le Mall, Sin El Feel | Tel: 01-492639 Address 7: Ground Floor, Metro Mall | Tel: 09-850318 Address 8: Main Street, Verdun | Tel: 01-789911 Address 9: Main Street, Zalka | Tel: 01-876029 E-Commerce Website | Facebook

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  • Nader Nassif

    What I do not understand is how everyone got on the bandwagon celebrating Halloween and just ditched our traditional Barbara. I was at Joue Club last year trying to get my daughter something for Barbara and they were like: “you’re too late, you should have been here for Halloween”. When will we as Lebanese consumers stand up for our heritage and tell people enough is enough? I guess the garbage crisis answers this question. Who am I after all?

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