8 More Popular Make-Up Artists in Lebanon


I am so excited to follow up on '17 Popular Make Up Artists in Lebanon' after the incredible amount of feedback we got last week from all of you. After gathering all your input, I have added 8 more names to the list of popular make up artists in Lebanon.

Here are the additional names according to your recommendations!

(N.B. Again, please note that the names were not, and are still not, in any particular order. The criteria in which the names were selected was based on popularity among friends, family, and word of mouth.)

8 More Popular Make-Up Artists in Lebanon

(See the original post: '17 Popular Make-Up Artists in Lebanon')

1 // Colette Iskandar


Quick Bio: 'Michel Zeytoun & Colette Iskandar work together to offer both Hair & Beauty services. They are experts in their field and willing to offer you the best in terms of hair cutting and coloring, facial and nail care and many other services. Particularly dedicated to wedding make-ups and hairstyles, we wish to make this day a special and memorable event by working hard to bring you the latest trends, tips, and news. Our main concern is to give the highest importance to details because your wishes are our commands!' (Sourced from Michel et Colette Facebook Page)

Contact Info: Telephone: +961-1-870876 Email: michel_zeytoun@hotmail.com Address: Zalka, Cite Moussa Centre, Beirut, Lebanon.

2 // Maya Yammine


Quick Bio: 'Maya Yammine is one of the top professional makeup artists in Lebanon, who has gained a trustful reputation in most of the Arab countries.' (Sourced from Maya Yammine's Facebook Page)

Contact Info: Mobile: +961-3-236923 Address: Beirut, Lebanon.

3 // Patrick Chalhoub


Quick Bio: 'Patrick Chalhoub is a Professional Make-Up Artist, Tattoo Artist & Hair Stylist with an International Diploma in Professional Make-Up From Paris, and a Hair Diploma from Eugeneperma Paris. He is also a Hair & Make-Up Tutor and gives courses.' (Sourced from Patrick Chalhoub Facebook Page)

Contact Info: Mobile: +961-70-023500 Address: Mar Roukoz Street, Hazmieh, Beirut, Lebanon.

4 // Ahmad Al Assir


Contact Info: Telephone: +961-1-868656 Mobile: +961-3-989400 Email: ahmad.alassir@gmail.com Address: Verdun, Center Dunes, 1st Floor - Beirut, Lebanon.

5 // Jihane Raidy


Quick Bio: Jihane Raidy is a makeup artist / Tattoo with very talented skills. She can reflect your beauty with her natural touch of makeup. (Sourced from Jihane Raidy Facebeook Page)

Contact Info: Telephone: +961-4-713913 Mobile: +961-3-825255 Email: jihaneraidy@hotmail.com Address: Jal el Dib, Lebanon.

6 // Charbel Hasbany

Charbel hasbany

Quick Bio: Sharbel Hasbany is a 23 year old make-up artist who graduated from Atelier Maquillage Paris Modèles. His skills and knowledge cover all kinds of regular make up to bridal and artistic. Working with cinema students on short school movies & features - Cinema Films, Modeling photo shoots and Photographers are his main orientation. (Sourced from Sharbel Hasbany Facebook Page)

Contact Info: Mobile: +961-71-516041 Address: Beirut, Lebanon.

7 // Paul Constantinian


Contact Info: Telephone: +961-4-719499 Address: Seaside Jal el Dib, Beirut, Lebanon.

8 // Rana Harcoos


Contact Info: Mobile: +961-3-601421. Address: Beirut, Lebanon

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